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AoC "Monthly Development Update" Details New Instances and Faction Changes

Posted Wed, Mar 30, 2011 by Martuk

Age of Conan (AoC) Game Director Craig Morrison has posted his March "Monthly Development Update" for the AoC community detailing more future content for the game. Now that the Dreamworld update has been deployed, the team can focus on its next wave of content. Included in that content are two new team instances: the Ai District and the T’ian’an District.

The new instances will offer new reward set items and additional challenges. The update even notes that the developers have stated that the T’ian’an District will require a well-coordinated team to complete on a single try, a bit of a friendly challenge from developers to players.

The T’ian’an District is all about the boss encounters, and is effectively also a speed challenge to see how many of the half dozen encounters you can complete before your time runs out. The developers claim that you will have to choose which order to take the bosses, and that it will take a good and co-ordinated team to even have a chance of clearing the zone in one attempt…sounds like a challenge to all of you out there to me!

There are added rewards for finding the correct way of approaching certain challenges and each instance comes with its own story. The story is optional and there is nothing to stop you from just making loot runs.

Faction changes are also on the way. The devs are working to reduce the grind needed to get certain rewards, so having to repeat specific content over and over for certain things should be lessened and yield better rewards.

Lastly, Morrison offered an update on the upcoming "Blood and Glory" PvP server. New polls have been opened to allow players a chance to vote on the server’s content and add their own feedback about the server’s creation.

Funcom plans to break the updates down into four parts and if all goes as planned, they should all be deployed by the end of May.

Source: AoC Monthly Development Update

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