Battlestar Galactica Online Gets New Ships, Economy Changes and More in April Update

By Stacy Jones -

It's been a little while since the last big Battlestar Galactica Online update, but Bigpoint showed us why when they pushed a big one out last week, adding a lot of new content to the game and changing up a few features. New strike ships are now available for purchase using Merits (a currency earned in PvP) - the Viper Mk VII and Cylon War Raider. Players can also take temporary command of the Battlestar Pegasus or a secondary Cylon Basestar to head attacks into enemy territory. To give combat a little more bang, the powerful Nuclear Warheads have been added and can be purchased only with Merits. Use them sparingly and you might be able to turn the tide of any war.

The update also adds some revisions to the in-game economy, allowing Water to be sold for Cubits. The third big part of the update has added scaling rewards to PvE and PvP gameplay. This will offer more experience for engaging pilots of an even level of experience and less for beating up on the lower level and less experienced new guys.

Battlestar Galactica Online Update Overview
Battlestar Galactica April Update Patch Notes

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