World of Warcraft: Ghostcrawler Talks Abilities, Rotations and Cluttered UIs

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If you’re anxiously awaiting the return of World of Warcraft’s live realms, then it’s a good job Ghostcrawler has come to the rescue with his latest blog post ”Dev Watercooler -- Number of Abilities”.

As the title suggests, itÂ’s all about what you can do and Ghostcrawler is of the opinion - and I agree with him - that many classes have way, way too many abilities. He cites hunters as the perfect example; they have sixty abilities. That doesnÂ’t factor in all the other things you use in raids like potions, reagents and non-combat pets. Welcome to a cluttered UI. GC hints that heÂ’d like to declutter it sometime, lower the sheer number of abilities, but, until then read his post for yourselves over at the community site and then tell us what you think!

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