Line of Defense Dev Blog Details Nightbridge Base

By Stacy Jones -

New details have been released about 3000AD's sci-fi shooter MMOG, Line of Defense. The latest developer blog details Nightbridge, a base built within a massive city. According to the blog, the new map is 64km x 64km in size and has plenty of room to run around and smite enemies with guns, tanks, jetpacks and aircraft. In fact, one of the biggest concerns expressed in the blog is that the size might be a bit too big for some players that are more familiar with smaller FPS maps.

My single greatest concern at this point is that it is so huge that most gamers used to the “closed in” level based design of fps games, may just get lost in there. Or at best, be intimidated by the size of it all. Our friends used to [older] fps games like Planetside, will probably appreciate the scope of it all. But despite that, even if you had 128 people in a single world, that is still a heckuva lot of space to run around in. Sure there are all kinds of vehicles (incl. naval units), aircrafts, jetpacks and such to use, but for my part, running (first or third person) around in these bases is a lot of fun. Especially if you know where you’re going (there’s a map for that).

Source: Line of Defense Developer Blog

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