World of Warcraft: Blizzard Clarifies Dungeon Journal Feature

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The infobursts relating to World of Warcraft patch 4.2, aka Rage of the Firelands, seem to be coming regular intervals and it wonÂ’t be long before we get to try it ourself on the PTR. With this in mind, awesomely-named Blizzard blue Kaivax has started a forum thread which explains more about the Dungeon Journal.

We had some info on this during the latest BlizzCast but KaivaxÂ’s thread goes into a little more detail on the subject. ItÂ’s worth remembering that the Journal is not a walkthrough, more of a strategy guide. It will tell us about a mobÂ’s abilities but wonÂ’t go into specifics about how to beat Ragnaros, for example. So yes, weÂ’ll still be using online guides for a long time coming but itÂ’s great that Blizzard are trying to add more stuff into the game that will keep you there, rather than having to alt-tab out. Now whereÂ’s my in-game lore encyclopaedia and Twitter support, hmm?

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