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Guild Wars 2 Designer Details the City of Lion's Arch

Posted Wed, May 11, 2011 by Martuk

Guild Wars players have been anxiously waiting for new details about the upcoming sequel to NCsofts hit title and today Guild Wars 2 Game Designer Ree Soesbee has revealed a little something to help quench the thirst for new information. In his latest blog, Soesbee offers a look at one of the most culturally diverse cities in Tyria, Lion's Arch.

Lion's Arch was the capital of Kryta in the original Guild Wars, but the city has gone through quite a few changes in its Guild Wars 2 incarnation. The city now acts as an independent melting pot of cultures and a safe harbor for ships looking to escape the horrors of the seas. The city now stands as a bastion of light against the darkness of the dead that plagues the waters south of the city.

For generations, the people of Lion’s Arch have been on the front line of the war with Zhaitan, the dragon of Orr. Their city was destroyed, only to be rebuilt in defiance of the dragon’s power. The elite Lionguard have built a fortress on Claw Island, a small body of land in the harbor, in order to defend against Zhaitan’s attacks. No ship sails from their docks without a wary eye south toward the dark waters of the undead. They live each day with the knowledge that they are a bastion against the destruction that the Dragon would bring – regardless of whether or not the other nations of the world recognize, or care about, their ongoing struggle.

Check out the full blog and the Lion's Arch trailer after the break to learn more.

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