En Masse Details TERA Crafting, E3 Plans and Redefining the Party

E3 2011 is just under three weeks away and En Masse Entertainment will be on hand to demonstrate more of their upcoming action MMOG, TERA. We got the chance to sample the gameplay last year at E3 2010 and as the event approaches, En Masse has released quite a bit of new TERA information. This week players were treated to a blog in which the roles of players in parties is redefined for TERA by using past games like EverQuest and World of Warcraft to draw examples from and how things have changed over the years.

If you've been itching to learn a bit more about TERA's crafting system, a new update provides plenty of details. Described as "simple but deep", TERA's crafting system will allow players to craft any item regardless of the class that can use it with the best recipes dropping from creatures. If you craft something that you can't use, you can still learn to extract materials from it or sell it to someone else. Check out the full update for more crafting details.

Lastly, En Masse offers a look at what they have planned for this year's E3 2011 content. A new behind closed doors demo will be held for the press this year featuring a new never before seen area, so be sure you keep a check here at Ten Ton Hammer for our E3 2011 coverage as our ground team reports on all the latest information. Producer Brian Knox will also be answering questions from fans live during E3 via the TERA Twitter.

Redefining the Party in TERA
Crafting in TERA
TERA E3 2011 Preview

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