Daily Tip:One of the benefits of joining a high-sec mining corporation is that they will usually have an Orca ship in the belts with you on mining ops. You can unload into the Orca rather than a jet can or by warping back to a station.

Flying An Autopilot Mammoth In EVE Online

Posted Tue, May 24, 2011 by Space Junkie

Autopiloting is a fact of life in high-security space. Manually piloting between stargates is an unpleasant task usually reserved for people with wars or too much time on their hands. This is true when flying industrial ships that are slow to align and warp, and doubly so for the unspeakably sluggish freighter class of ships.

Another fact of life in high-sec is altogether less pleasant: suicide ganking. If one has goods worth even 50mil ISK, an unscrupulous player with a thrasher can ruin your day. There are, however, ways to make yourself resistant to suicide ganking –even in a tech one industrial.

This here is a guide to fitting out the mammoth to be surprisingly resistant to suicide ganking.

The Physiology Of The Ganker

The basic model of suicide ganking is to deal enough damage to destroy your target that they die before CONCORD appears and exacts retribution. There is a delicate economy of weighing the value of the ganker's ship (that will be destroyed by CONCORD) against the value of the cargo carried by the target. A friend or character on a second account is usually waiting in an industrial to pick up any goods that drop.

There are any number of minutiae that matter to the ganker:

  • -Is the security status of that solar system low enough that multiple volleys with weapons are possible before CONCORD appears?
  • -Has the target been scanned with a cargo scanner?
  • -Are there too many other people around, who might potentially steal any cargo dropped before it can be grabbed

Because of the maths involved, the best tradeoff between ship cost and damage inflicted is usually a destroyer. The destroyer for this job is unquestionably the thrasher: projectile turrets deal a large amount of damage up-front then have a significant delay before firing again, rather than having an even distribution of damage over time. Thrashers deal plenty of damage and can certainly destroy most industrials before CONCORD responds.

Viva La Resistance

The idea here is to fly a mammoth that is resistant enough to suicide ganking that any reasonable attempt should fail, leaving you still alive and the ganker killed by CONCORD. The suicide ganker will open fire, then gaze in horror as your ship withstands the assault and CONCORD destroys his ship.

Since anybody flagged as hostile to CONCORD will be unable to get a new ship for the next fifteen minutes, your auto-piloting mammoth will continue on its merry way, regenerating shields and wending toward your destination. The attacker is unlikely to bother with following you, and will likely return to his usual spot after the fifteen minutes have elapsed.

The downside to this trick is that since it is CONCORD that is doing the killing, you will not receive any kill mails. Indeed, if the target does not do enough damage to hurt your armor and you are not watching, it is not implausible that your shields could have completely regenerated, thus leaving no evidence on your end of an attack ever taking place. This is of course preferable to returning to your computer and finding yourself in a pod, your cargo long gone.

High Slots: Whatever

  • x2 Nothing

Industrial vessels do not usually need their high slots, and this fitting is not different in that regard.

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