Square Enix Working on New MMOG

Square Enix may still be struggling with Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), but the developer has a secret MMOG in the pipeline that could help turn things around for the ailing company. Andriasang has translated a May 13th earnings briefing by Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada in which the he announced plans to develop a new large-scale MMO. While not much else was revealed, Wada noted that the company wants to run 2-3 large MMOs (presumably Final Fantasy XI, FFXIV and the mystery MMO) at once and he hopes to announce the title later this year. Perhaps Square Enix will have something to say at E3 2011 about the new title.

Wada also took some time to discuss the status of FFXIV, which has been undergoing constant improvements since launch and is now finally about where the company can see its target for the game.


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