Global Agenda 1.42 Update Arrives Today

Global Agenda agents can expect to find some fun new changes to the online shooter today with the arrival of the 1.42 update. Servers are expected to go down today at 5:00pm ET to patch in the update. 1.42 will add several new changes to the game that include: new flare drops from Recursive Colony bots in Dome Defense and Sonoran Raids and the addition of a Rare Goods Vendor to Dome City that sells new dyes, flare, pets and rare items.

Agents will also find some changes to device and skills. The Spring Stealth has received an increase to its jump and Jump to Jetpack has had its time changed from 0.3 seconds to 0.2 seconds for Hands Free and Combat jetpacks. A full list of the latest changes can be found in the Global Agenda 1.42 Patch Notes.

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