Funcom Launches New Age of Conan Server Merger FAQ

Age of Conan (AoC) players can expect some hefty downtime this week to allow for the merging of several servers. US servers will go down May 31st with European servers following on June 1st for the mergers, which will include an expected 24 hours of downtime. Once the servers are down, the following mergers will occur:


  • Tyranny and Cimmeria are merged into one PvP server


  • Crom, Hyrkania and Ishtar are merged into one PvE server
  • Fury, Aquilonia and Stygia are merged into one PvP serve
  • There are still a lot of questions about the upcoming mergers still circulating around the AoC community, so Senior Community Manager Oliver 'Tarib' Kunz has posted a new FAQ to answer many questions relating to the impending merger. So if you want to know how your friend's list, battlekeeps and character names might be affected, be sure to check out the full Server Merger FAQ.

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