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Hundreds of BlizzCon Images - Album Guide

According to the eye-witness accounts of all the Ten Ton Hammer staff that made their way to the Anaheim, Calif., BlizzCon '07 was the best fan event that they've ever attended. With PvP and Arena battles voiced by the real-life Leeroy Jenkins, a fun-filled costume contest, and huge announcements made by Blizzard developers, BlizzCon '07 was the epitome of a WoW fans dreamland. Thankfully, we didn't come away from the event empty handed, and we were able to score a whole Horde (heh!) of pictures for you to take in. We've selected 20 of our favorite shots, but have also included links to the main gallery and all the sub-albums as well. Enjoy!

BlizzCon '07 Photo Albums:

Main BlizzCON gallery:

Costumes and Characters:


Professions and Items:

Death Knight:

The Show Floor:

Dungeons and Raids:


New BlizzCon '07 Images:

WMBlizzCon2007577 WMBlizzCon2007571 WMBlizzCon2007583 WMBlizzCon2007564
WMBlizzCon2007558 Hubba Hubba Where's William Shatner when you need him? WMBlizzCon2007211
This is my boomstick! Excuse me sir, do you have any Tom Chilton dolls left? Jeff Kaplan (far left) and Tom Chilton (far right) talk about the Lich King The crowd.  Everyone wore magenta.
WMBlizzCon2007553 WMBlizzCon2007550 WMBlizzCon2007547 WMBlizzCon2007540
WMBlizzCon2007483 WMBlizzCon2007477 WMBlizzCon2007474 WMBlizzCon2007469

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