Hellgate: London Preview at GameSpot

Posted Wed, Jun 22, 2005 by Boomjack

War is Hell and so is London.
GameSpot has a preview of Flagship Studio's Hellgate: London posted. After looking into our crystal ball we decided they may have written this:

"Like the Diablo games, Hellgate is built on randomization. The game creates random, unique levels every time you play, so no two players will ever experience the exact same game. Additionally, Hellgate randomizes much more, such as the loot that demons drop when they die, the generation of rare items, and more. Bill Roper, the CEO of Flagship, said during the presentation that Hellgate has a methodology that's about 10 times better than that of the Diablo games, meaning it can create better environments and items on the fly."

You can read the entire Hellgate: London Preview at GameSpot.

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