Star Citizen: A Game You Should Care About

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Read the forums for any PC game these days and you’ll hear the consistent lamentation of the passing of PC gaming’s golden years. The 90s and early 2000s gave us new games with new ideas, techniques, and graphics each and every year. Each new release from a publisher blew the last title out of the water, and while there were always those quintessential and genre-defining titles that took decades to so much as find a worthy competitor, the statement still holds true as a generalization.

Then came the last ten years or so, where publishers found the magic formulas for profitability and introduced the concept of bad console ports. Stagnation set in as the market started its slow spiral of entropy. Will PC gaming ever truly die? Probably not, though it will obviously change a bit to be more compatible with new market demands. Then there will certainly be those one-offs, the throw-backs to the heyday of PC gaming, done with little budget and less fanfare. But, you have to wonder if this is that all we have to look forward to, those few lucky escapees from the Isle of Misfit Toys.

Fortunately, a dark hero has wandered out of the desert of his decade-long break from the world of games like a prophet returning to a lost and dejected people. At first the news of his return was scoffed at and spoken of as nothing more than rumors by the Sadducees of modern gaming. The news still spread though, catching fire as it touched the kindle of frustrated geeks searching for a new light in the darkness. Chris Roberts, creator of the Wing Commander series, has returned, and he brings a prophetic vision of games where risk-taking and innovation still have a place in the world gaming, and where PC gaming is no longer the afterthought of moderately successful console games.

Roberts Space Industries kicked off a successful crowd sourced funding drive for what could be another genre-defining game.

Star Citizen, Roberts’ new space sim, hopes to revitalize PC gaming by bringing back innovation, and it all started by crowd sourcing the game. Star Citizen reached its $2 million goal in just two weeks, and has gone on to include several stretch goals for its Kickstarter and in-house fundraising efforts. So, it’s not just a platitude when it’s said that the project has a solid community behind it; it’s a demonstrable fact. Hopefully by the time you finish this article, you’ll have a better idea why their fans are so devoted. Perhaps you’ll even be on the way to becoming one yourself.

The New Game

The new game will be multiplayer with an optional single-player component called Squadron 42, which takes the player through a military campaign to introduce the player to game mechanics and concepts in a more traditional way. Squadron 42 will offer a unique option--you can either play it offline, or online with friends. Players will also have the option of skipping military service and getting right into the game if that’s their preference.

Squadron 42 is the elite squadron of the United Empire of Earth’s 2nd Fleet.

Star Citizen will also be presented using an open-world architecture concept that allows the player to have that unique experience between small fighter craft and the larger capital ships. In the fighter, the player would be restricted to a small cockpit with little move to move around. Larger ships such as transports and carriers however, will have more room to walk around inside them. The result should be a much more immersive environment where each ship feels specifically unique.

Borrowing a page from the successful Guild Wars series of games, Roberts has said that the economic model of the game will be buy-to-play, meaning that the game must be purchased, but after that there will be no additional charges to play. This system has proven to work well for the Guild Wars franchise, but even they included an item shop in this last iteration of the game. Roberts hasn’t mentioned any desire to pursue a similar method of additional funding, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see it in the future. It doesn’t break the game and as optional content that has zero real impact on the game, it doesn’t violate the buy-to-play stance.

"Chris Roberts" is all I really needed to hear about Star Citizen.

I'm now VERY interested in the development of this game and will likely buy it when it comes out.

If you think that highly about Chris Roberts and his efforts, why wait until the game is released?

The game is not due to be released for another 2 years, but why not support the development of the game by buying a pledge for the game?

You can pledge anything from $30 to $10.000.
By pledging you can get some nice ingame stuff, including a ship and possibly even physical stuff depending on your pledge.
You also get access to both the Alpha and Beta of the game.
And of course you get a digital copy of the game when its done.

Crowd funding ends on November 19th, so if this sounds interesting now is your chance to get it.

I guess my comment about having "bought" was a bit vague. I could have said that I pledged instead, thus securing access to "some nice ingame stuff, access to Alpha and Beta, and a digital copy of the game. ;-)

When I got wind of this I grew excited. PC gaming is what I do, and this one ... a space sim no less ... really got me excited for Roberts. I was so impressed in fact that I 'bought' into the game a couple weeks back and sent my order in. I am proud to be a part of the "$2 million".

Now we sit back and begin the long wait for Chris Roberts to realize "our" dream. That wait is going to be hard on me.

This kind of game in this new generation they need to develop new equipment or gadgets that is really needed and useful like spy equipment to defend by your enemy..

This one is addicting game for me, this keeps me play during weekends. It is like the horror games that I am plying at which I enjoy most of the games.


Star Citizen is still bringing in the big bucks and has now raised $40,000,000. That's enough to buy 8 million Big Mac Meals!

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