Panzer General Online Rolls into Closed Beta

Ubisoft announces the start of closed beta for the free-to-play adaptation of the classic Panzer General saga.

The classic turn-based strategy Panzer General saga returns this week to get the free-to-play treatment with the start of closed beta for Panzer General Online. After a few closed beta launch issues, the game is now available for selected testers to join in and commence blowing each other to smithereens.

Panzer General Online is set during WWII and features turn-based strategy gameplay playable from your browser. The game features both single player and multiplayer modes with historically-inspired missions, allowing players to take control of legendary units such as the Tiger Tank or Nebelwerfer rocket Launcher.

Sound like fun? Head over to the Panzer General Online website to get your name in the beta pool.

Source: Ubisoft Press Release

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