Update: Pathfinder Online Kickstarter Goal Reached

Posted Mon, Jan 14, 2013 by Martuk

Pathfinder Online is in the home stretch of its Kickstarter campaign and it’s looking like this one may be close. With just under five hours left in the campaign, Pathfinder Online is just over the 98% mark for its target goal of $1 million, currently as of this writing it sits at $980,545. The contributions have been coming in rather steadily today, so the goal may yet be reached before the deadline. If the pacing of donations continues the goal should be met before the deadline. Time will certainly tell.

If you’re itching for a Pathfinder-based MMOG, head over to the game’s Kickstarter page and give it a look. Be sure to check out our Q&A with Goblinworks CEO Ryan Dancey to learn more.

Update: In just minutes after writing this article, Pathfinder Online rocketed past its Kickstarter goal.

Source: Pathfinder Online Kickstarter Page


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