PAYDAY: The Heist Gets Last Minute Delay

Posted Tue, Oct 04, 2011 by Martuk

It appears that at the eleventh hour, PAYDAY: The Heist has been delayed. Sony Online Entertainment recently announced that the October 4th launch date of the heist-based co-op shooter has been delayed until later this month. A recent press release explains the delay:

This delay is a move to ensure players and fans of our promise and vision to produce high-caliber games that deliver the best quality game experience. Players who pre-ordered PAYDAY: The Heist will receive the game at launch, and those who purchased the four other PSN titles as part of the PlayStation®Network PLAY program will also be awarded PAYDAY: The Heist when it launches later this month, according to the terms of that program.

No new date was given for the official release, but the press release does indicate that it will be later this month. Visit the official PAYDAY: The Heist website for more.

GAAAAAAAHHHHh! I was looking forward to playing it today!

I havent been exited enough a for a psn non disc based game. This game took the cake, but to hear that it will be delayed and now hearing to new release date?i thought that it was great timing for the month, Now this will be competing against BF3? MW3? sorry but im paying for those games instead

freakin a man i wanted to play GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRReeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaattttttttttt

Man this is some bull**it i preordered the game only to be told it was supposed to be available on psn the 12th of october AND STILL NOTHING?!?! This is the last time i preorder anything from overkill again.


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