Players Rally Former Outfits to Celebrate PlanetSide Day

By Stacy Jones -
PlanetSide isn’t running at the capacity of players that it once did by any stretch. And with the impending beta of PlanetSide 2 coming sometime in the next few weeks, the population of PlanetSide is likely to take another hit. As such, a group of PlanetSide faithful is looking to bring players together for one more massive showdown. The group organizing the event has dubbed it “PlanetSide Day” and has set the date for July 1st. They’re asking all former outfits (PlanetSide’s version of guilds) to return for a day of massive combat and celebration before the impending beta of PlanetSide 2 begins.

Head over and check out the group’s Facebook event page and post on the PlanetSide Universe forums to learn more and see what outfits will be attending. Be sure to check out their YouTube video “Our Farewell to PlanetSide” for a look back through the original massive shooter.

Source: PlanetSide Universe

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