Air vs Ground Tweaks Coming to PlanetSide 2

Posted Thu, Dec 06, 2012 by Martuk

PlanetSide 2 Creative Director Matt Higby recently took to the forums for his first official post since the game’s launch last month. Higby’s latest update takes aim at the air vs ground game, which he notes as favoring the air a little too much currently. To address this, Higby laid out a list of balance changes that will be coming to PlanetSide 2 next week that will make ground units a little better at deterring air assaults.

Lock on Rocket Launchers (AV and AA):
- Range Increase
- Faster reload time (to compensate for lock on time)
- Now require lock on to fire

- Minor damage increase
- Projectile speed increase

A30 Walker:
- Buffed Damage
- Faster Projectile

Rocket Pods:
- Decrease to the inner explosion radius: 3m to 1.5m. This is the center of the rocket explosion where the maximum damage occurs, so this will not affect direct hits. Effectively this makes the damage falloff at the center of the rocket pod explosion start closer to the center.

Flak Armor:
- Increase maximum explosion resistance for certed Flak armor from 25% to 50%. This makes Flak armor a more viable choice over Nanoweave for soldiers being attacked with explosives.

- New Heavy Assault common pool rocket launcher. High-damage anti-vehicle weapon, has a slow projectile speed and no lock on, but does massive damage to vehicles and other armored targets.

As with any balance adjustments, Higby expects that further tweaks may be needed once the changes go live, so expect to see an changes made as needed.

Source: Higby on Ground vs Air Balance


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