Comic Legend Marv Wolfman to Pen PlanetSide 2 Backstory

Creative Director Matt Higby introduces the man that will craft the PlanetSide 2 backstory as none other than Marv Wolfman.
Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has tapped legendary comic author Marv Wolfman to pen the backstory for the upcoming PlanetSide 2 aka the reboot. Yes, I said reboot. With Hollywood cashing in on rebooting franchises, it was inevitable that games would follow.

We’ve known for some time that SOE considered PlanetSide 2 a reimagining of the original and not a direct sequel, something that Creative Director Matt Higby drove home in today’s update.

With PlanetSide 2 we’re resetting the PlanetSide lore.  Rather than a sequel, we call it a re-envisioning, or more accurately a re-imagining.   We’re doing this for a couple reasons, but the biggest is that we want to bring more depth and focus on to the story of what Auraxis is, how humanity discovered it, how they were stranded there, and ultimately how all hell broke loose and the epic unending battle for supremacy began.  Those of you familiar with PlanetSide will recognize all the players, but the board they’re on and how they move will be a lot different. 

Marv Wolfman will be the man to put that lore all together. Wolfman is known for his works with Marvel and DC Comics and has also worked closely with SOE on the DC Universe Online Legends comics.

The PlanetSide 2 backstory will be revealed episodically starting this week and over the coming months as the game begins its ramp up for beta.

Source: PlanetSide 2 website

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