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PlanetSide 2 Faction Videos Urge You to Pick a Side

By Stacy Jones -

Three new PlanetSide 2 videos have been released today, each with a message urging outlets to choose a side. Rather than doing that, weÂ’ve posted all three for your viewing pleasure.

WhatÂ’s the best PlanetSide 2 faction in your opinion (Spoiler: ItÂ’s the New Conglomerate)? Check out the videos and tell us your thoughts on why you think your faction is the best, even if they are Vanu or Terrans.

Source: SOE Press Release

Terran Republic - Like a militaristic government, the Terran Republic uses its Imperial authoritarian might to impel humanity to peaceful coexistence through any means necessary.

Vanu Sovereignty - A technocratic Empire that believes humanity can only evolve by rediscovering and tapping the lost technology of an ancient alien race.  

New Conglomerate - A loosely connected group of rebel factions and idealistic freedom fighters. They fight against the hegemony of the Terran Republic and the fanatical alien influence of the Vanu Sovereignty.
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