PlanetSide 2 Adds Alerts with Game Update 6

PlanetSide 2’s latest update goes live with new subscription perks, Service Ribbon, and the dynamic Alert system.

PlanetSide 2Â’s latest update deployed earlier this morning adding new Service Ribbon achievements and a couple of new perks for subscribers. The update adds three additional character slots and a new exclusive Daily Sale in the Depot for subscribers.

On the content end of the update, the new Alert feature is now live, providing players with a dynamic server-controlled system that will initiate server-wide game events, prompting players to accomplish certain goals within a set time for a large bonus when the Alert is completed. Fighting in Alert areas will also provide bonus XP. The first alert that has been added is Continental Capture, but more will be implemented at a later time.

A number of other tweaks have also been made to various weapons and vehicles. Read the patch notes for the full rundown.

Source: PlanetSide 2 GU06 Patch Notes

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