Warhammer Online's Carrie Gouskos on Ten Ton Hammer Live Episode 20

WAR COMES TO Ten Ton Hammer Live!

WAR COMES TO Ten Ton Hammer Live!

This week on the show Jesse, Ben, and Dav are joined by the always awesome Carrie Gouskos, Producer of Warhammer Online. After an honest and hilarious discussion about the game, forum trolls, and White Snake, Carrie sticks around for a War themed master looter.... and yes, it


Also Jesse and Davlen talk about free to play games, WoW beta, and if the new information about SWTOR is any indication on if they've finally jumped the hype shark.

Oh and did we mention Jesse finally eats the Krispy Kreme Burger?! OOOOH MY...

All this and more on this week's Ten Ton Hammer Live!

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