Preview: Wakfu

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When I was invited to try out Wakfu, I at first was prepared to dismiss it as a juvenile and simplistic-looking game that would never earn my full attention. How could a game relying on isometric 3D graphics, animated sprites and an archaic turn-based combat system possibly succeed in the modern market of action-packed hyper-realistic blockbusters?

In the worldwide MMOG market, Dofus is among the elite few titles that can report to have an active subscription base above a few million players. And yet, when compared alongside the titles that share these vaunted heights (games like Lineage and World of Warcraft), the quaint 2-dimensional sprite animations of Dofus seem altogether underwhelming and antiquated. Despite this fact (and perhaps a little because of it?) the game's charm, wit and depth have ensnared subscribers by the millions.

I'm happy to admit that I was proven wrong for jumping to such a hogwash conclusion. And I enjoyed every minute of learning just how incredibly wrong I was! Wakfu, from Ankama Studios, surprised me at just about every turn. Read the full Preview of Wakfu for complete details on this surprising and endearing new game from the makers of Dofus.

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