A First Look at Eligium - The Chosen One

We recently sat down with Eligium, the upcoming free-to-play MMORPG from Frogster to check things out. The story behind the game is a familiar one: become the chosen one and save the world from evil. We've all done that before, right?

Eligium offers its own flavor by loading the game with a veritable truckload of features. Whether you choose the mystical path of fire mastery or opt to play a summoner with your own active pet; whether you take on the role of the shape-shifting Viridis and transmorph into a fierce werewolf or ominous two-headed dragon, you'll find something to keep you entertained in Eligium.

Player progression is measured in a flexible path for different skill sets. As you use a specific skill you'll improve it and then be able to select which skill you wish to use next. This provides a high level of customization for the character and allows the player to enjoy playing the game and advancing in a manner that they enjoy.

Magic in Eligium

Casting magic in Eligium

Of course, no MMORPG would be complete without mounts and Eligium has provided a fun system for those as well. Instead of simply going to a mount-store and buying off the rack, you'll be able to acquire a mount in its infant form as an egg. As you care for and feed your small pet eventually it will grow into a mount which will directly reflect the level of care it was shown. Neglect it and end up with a broken down nag. Nurture it and you'll be winning all the races and pony shows (or other animal/mystical creature shows).In addition to mounts players can also have pets, which also have their own personalities. Interact with your pet for various levels of conversation and one-liners.

The world in which the game is set offers a wide variety of locales, in a map that's about twice the size of Frogster's own Runes of Magic. But fear not. Travel is painless and finding your way around just as easy. Simply click on the area of the map where you want to go and watch your character find his/her own way there.

While Eligium won't have any large scale PvE raids, it does offer a large amount of PvP with guild wars and faction wars which can scale into battles in the hundreds. So bring your torch and pitchfork--there's gonna be a player hunt.

Eligium is aiming for a Q2 launch this year and more information can be found at the official site at http://www.eligium.com/us/free-to-play.html.

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