Prius Online Launches Stronghold of the North Expansion

Posted Wed, Oct 26, 2011 by Martuk

Prius Online released in late June and gPotato has announced the launch of their latest expansion for the game with Stronghold of the North. The new Prius Online expansion adds over 500 new quests, 2 new exotic mounts, 3 dungeons, new item upgrades and a level cap boost from 60 to 70.

As an added bonus, players that take up arms to meet the challenge will have a chance to earn double experience and double drops rates from October 28th through October 30th. Returning players will also receive a special "welcome back" bundle of items.

You can sign up to play for free on the official Prius Online website.

Prius Online: Stronghold of the North Now Live!

New expansion brings 500 quests, 3 dungeons, 2 mounts, and an extensive item upgrade system

Sunnyvale, Calif. – October 26, 2011 The way to the North lies open and with it comes an avalanche of new content for Prius Online. Stronghold of the North adds 500 quests, 3 additional dungeons, 2 exotic mounts, and a new item upgrade system that allows players to design their own gear with powerful stats and a unique appearance that suits their character. The level cap has also been raised from 60 to 70, making room for characters to grow as they explore the frozen North.

Players will launch their adventure from the great fortress of Himes. The city is also a new venue for Guild Siege Warfare and a battleground for those seeking dominance over rival guilds. Outside it lie three dungeons that will challenge players to devise new strategies to survive the traps and bestia that make these the hardest dungeons ever seen in Prius. At the end of all three dungeons await new, distinct gear sets that will provide additional stat boosts when completely assembled and distinguish their owners as conquerors of the fiercest dungeons.

The new Runes System gives players even more latitude to distinguish themselves and show off their creativity – all while crafting the ultimate weapons and gear. These extraordinary rune stones can be found in dungeons or on the most powerful beasts, giving everyone a chance to earn their equipment upgrades as they play. Rune stones can be embedded into existing items to add new stats, or used to transfer the stats of high level items onto more appealing low level items. Now that trusty old sword or favorite helmet can be buffed up and used forever!

Prius continues its commitment to offering players a great experience at no cost with the addition of two new mounts that can be tamed by any capable adventurer. These exotic animals offer even more examples of the game’s beautiful and strange creature design: who wouldn’t want to ride a snow-white peacock in a jester hat or a burly unicorn with the horns of a goat? These great mounts can now be stabled and shown off to other players with the integration of the new Pero Collection System.

Players eager to challenge the North can look forward to a weekend of doubled experience and doubled item drop rates, from October 28 to 30. Returning players will also receive special welcome back bundle of great items ranging from combat enhancers to premium item upgrades. Plus, with Halloween on the horizon, dungeons and bestia have started dropping Lost Souls which can be traded to get fantastic costumes for each player’s Anima companion!

This new expansion brings a mountain of fresh content to this exciting new game. Plunge into Prius Online: Stronghold of the North at the official website or find Prius on Facebook and Twitter!

About Prius Online
Prius Online is the first free-to-play cinematic MMORPG, esteemed for its high-quality graphics, in-game movie scenes and epic storyline. Prius boasts an advanced three character combat model, extensive PvP and PK systems and a variety of dungeons, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be free-to-play. Interact with a mysterious female companion named Anima to influence her abilities and personality, creating a rich emotional experience. Control the Gigas, powerful giants who can be summoned by Anima, which provide players access to a third character to control. Come unravel the mysteries of Prius and fulfill your destiny!

About gPotato
Founded in 2004, gPotato is a leading publisher of free-to-play online games. The gPotato Game Portal at hosts a diverse and lively portfolio of games such as Fly for Fun, Rappelz, Tales Runner, Iris, Luna, Aika, Allods, Prius, and Uncharted Waters Online. gPotato now eagerly awaits the upcoming release of its newest MMO, Sevencore! Over 10 million registered users gather to play gPotato’s games for free every day. Through the uniquely powerful vehicle of online games, gPotato connects people from all over the world to create a fun and friendly global community.

Prius Anima Arcane Saga

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Prius Anima is just as updated and cheaper/free/high rates/never before seen items, boss's, free premium. All a player deserves and could ever ask for! <3

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this server has been rebooted by the same admin, he claims donations make no difference, but the forums post a heap of bug reports which seem to compile following every patch the admin attempts, many quests are un playable and many skills seem to have bugs, even items from the cash shop have bug issues. i wouldn't recommend giving this guy another chance if u bothered to try this the first time

You obviously have NOT looked at the "FIXES" forums, thats where the MOST posts are at and those are what I have fixed. Bugs are fixed weekly and most are not even bugs.

Next time try not to hate on something you have NO knowledge on.


Prius Online is resurrected from the abyss as Netmarble brings back the title as Arcane Saga.

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Prius Online sets a course to the north with the launch of its Stronghold of the North expansion.

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