Fight Together or Die Alone: RaiderZ Launches Tomorrow

Posted Mon, Nov 19, 2012 by Martuk

We’re set to have another decent sized content and launch release schedule once again this week. RaiderZ is set to sail out the launch gate launch tomorrow alongside PlanetSide 2. As part of tomorrow’s RaiderZ launch, Perfect World will be holding a number of contests and giveaways throughout the week along with a new Thanksgiving event.

Between the massive bombardment of content from last week and what’s on the books for this week, there will be no shortage of things to do over the Thanksgiving holiday. Check out the RaiderZ launch trailer below and tell us what game you’ll be playing after you’re done gorging on that delicious turkey.

Source: RaiderZ Launch Announcement


Shortly after the announcement of its closure in Europe, RaiderZ is also ending its service in Korea.

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RaiderZ gets host of new content today with the launch of its first expansion, Broken Silence.

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Perfect World sets the release date for the first expansion to its action MMORPG, RaiderZ.

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