10 Tips for Playing Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning

Updated Mon, Feb 13, 2012 by Ethec

10 tips for playing kindoms of amalur: reckoning, reckoning tips

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is out today, and with some playtime estimates in the 300-hour range, you’ll want to start out on the right footing.  Here are a handful of tips and tricks to welcome you to your new aRPG home.

Tip #1 - Play to Your Platform

  • If you’re playing on console, install the game – Otherwise load times are going to wreck your Reckoning experience. You can install Reckoning on Xbox 360 via the Dashboard. On the PlayStation 3, follow the prompts the first time you play the game.
  • If you’re playing on PC, consider using an Xbox-style Controller – Reckoning was clearly designed with console controls in mind and simply plays better using a gamepad in everything from combat to menu navigation.

Whatever your platform, remember to leave a trail of save games with this or any RPG. Though we haven't heard of any problems in Reckoning, a corrupted file dozens of hours into the game can really ruin your experience.

Tip #2- Don’t Sweat Character Creation

I built my character out thinking that I would play a rogue-ish role, picking the piratey Verani and the crit-enhancing god of death Belen as my deity. Hours in I decided to play a pure Sorceror spec, and have felt in no way gimped. Much more important than class considerations to pick a persona that’s easy on the eyes.

Tip #3 - Remember to Move, Block, and Dodge

Reckoning is more Arkham than Skyrim in that if you stand still as you attack, you’re likely to take far more damage than you should. And that means burning through potions, which are especially precious early in the game.

10 tips for playing kingdoms of amalur: reckoning, reckoning tips
Reckoning rewards skillful players without catering exclusively to the hardcore.

Tip #4 - Save On Potions: Train Alchemy

One point is enough to give you a decent chance to harvest components as you venture around the world, and three points will all but ensure you can gather anything in Dalentarth. If you’re a fiend for healing potions, you’ll want to pay particular attention to Black Cohosh and Embereye. But don’t make more potions than you really need: components weigh nothing, but potions take up inventory space you’ll need during longer dungeon crawls.

Tip #5 - Get your Stash ASAP

Having a place to put partial set gear and equipment you want to save for respecs is key to inventory management. Your first house is available very early in the game, but you’ll have to complete quests to get it.  At the risk of offering a slight spoiler, make the Web Wood quest arc around Canneroc a priority.

Tip #6 - Master Your Moves

Even if you invest heavily in Arcane or Weapons Mastery, the combos are few in number and simple enough for just about anyone to master. Be effective with your weapons and you’ll never have to lean entirely on your mana-draining skills.

10 tips for playing kingdoms of amalur: reckoning, reckoning tips
Dalentarth gives you a pretty picture of the fantasy world you're fighting for.

Tip #7 - Become a Shriner

Shrines offer you great buffs that last a very short time (around 4 minutes), but since these buffs stack, you should never leave a shrine unclicked. Here’s the benefits conferred by the first tier of shrines:
  • Death’s Touch (Altar of Belen) – 15% chance to steal 20 health per hit, 15% chance to steal 20 mana per hit
  • Ynadon’s Justice: +5% chance to critical hit, +25% critical hit damage
  • Thyrdon’s Charge: +20% damage
  • Ethene’s Wisdom: +20% experience bonus, +15% status effect duration
  • Mitharu’s Protection: +0.5 health regeneration per second
  • Lyria’s Blessing: -25% mana costs

Hmmm Tip #1 PC/Controller probably turned me off the game. Thought I'd add it to the Dragon Age - Mass Efect list, but.......

Honestly I feel the same way, but I can't say it's bad advice. The control scheme is designed for a console controller sadly. Though I can't pass up the game just because of that personally.

I'm a 20-year veteran of PC playing, so have used first joystick (Commodore 64,) then keyboard. (Mice weren't invented yet.) Consequently, I had to be carried kicking and screaming into gamepads. But now I'm sold! With K + M, I thought I'd have to give up gaming entirely because of carpal tunnel syndrome. With a gamepad, I can now play all evening without the numbness. Something for you kids to think about. You don't want to have to have wrist surgery because of CTS!

As someone who tried it on PC sans a controler, it plays okay. But it plays amazingly with a controler and looks stunning on pc. There are tons of games that just play better with a game pad. This is one of them.

I don't get it. First person games, K+M is awesome. But in an action-RPG like this one, an analog stick and buttons rules.

I played the demo with a keyboard and a mouse, and it works amazingly well, (note: i don't have access to a controller and therefore haven't tried it) so it should be no argument against the game that it was developed for a console!

this game's perfectly fine to play with mouse and keyboard, just turn down camera sens...

but srsly, more than sports games or fighting games, one of the best keyboard and mouse arpg games that i've played.

Honestly I have no issue playing with keyboard and mouse. I did at first until I turned down the cam sens in game. Once I did that I felt the controls were wicked easy to use.

I actually found playing with keyboard and mouse on the PC to be pretty easy.

Rpgfan article review made a good point regarding why PC is better, 9 skills on the action bar is better than just 4 for a controller

If the idea of optimization for a controller seems like a slap in the face for some reason, consider that the fighting in this game is amazing. It is full of cancels, parries, dodges, interrupts, frame advantages, and all of the other terminology that makes fighting games great. I don't know of many that would play Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat with a keyboard/mouse as a preference.

You may prefer kb/m for this game...we all have our own opinions and preferences, but I would suggest at least TRYING a controller, as it plays amazingly well. You wouldn't pass a racing game in the arcade for the sole reason of there not being a kb/m control scheme, right? Most of us wouldn't, anyway! :)

Thoroughly enjoying this and yes, 360 controller on PC works much better....

I tried the demo with K+M and it wasn't bad, almost exactly what I expected it to be. When I got the full game and plugged in a controller, at my buddies behest, it all really opened up and far as ease of use and speed of navigation through the menus. I feel this is especially prevalent in combat, no doubt because of the fast paced nature of it. Maybe I play too many console games, but the controller just feels more natural. Either way, I wouldn't say the game was not designed to work with K+M, just that certain elements of the game's design are more intuitive with a controller.

Had a very poor first experience with M/K controls. I had to put the game away in disgust.

Mouse Sensitivity is too high even when turned all the way down in the Options for my high dpi mouse. Camera is wobbling and lagging behind my commands. It's infuriating.

I guess I'll try an xbox controller now...

Is there anyone who has list of keyboard short cut key while playing this?

goto controls in the options menu it lists them all and allows you to remap them

I play on a PC with a track ball and gaming keyboard. It plays just fine and Iam not hindered in anyway.

you're right about that! I'm also using a mouse and a keyboard and i'm already on the part i have to face tirnoh...did i spell it right, tirnoh?!? anyway, it's not a hassle to use mouse/keyboard on this game.

Hi there, I just bought the game and I like it very much, but one Problem exists: I bought the origin version of KoA:R for me and my Gf to play with. My Girlfriend has her own Windows (7, 64bit)-Account and wants to play the game with her account, not mine. She wants to play too, but everytime she closes the game, it seems like all her savegames are gone :-(
Has anyone an idea how to change this? Would be so glad to hear of a solution!

hello guys, i just finished the main quest and to sum it up it is the one of the best RPG i ever played so far.
I played it in hard mode all through out the game and it is really rewarding after all those difficulties i have encountered. it is action packed the movement is so fantastic the looting system is generous, youll never run out of coins once you invest your points on hidden detect. i recommend this game for all you RPG gamers out there. :)

12 hours through and love this game. My gaming controller is currently out of commission so maybe will invest in one of those xbox 360 controllers on my next playthrough. I usually play everything with mouse and keys unless its emulators stuff but my only disappointment in the keys was that I could not remap my shield ;/ Why oh why did it have to be that way. If I could attack left mouse button, shield with the right, it would be sooo much better. Spell casting could easily have been something like tab or R or anything really. Another thing i've noticed is there is no overall stat menu regarding the player's gear he is wearing. It seems the stat menu shows everything BUT that stuff lol Even great games have there downsides though. Hell even dragon age there is about 50x things I can't understand why they did it like they did but if it's a good enough game, you will still play it years later and KOAR is definitely one of them.

I agree with the tip about using weapons that suit your character's destiny. It can be tempting to use a weapon that's stronger than yours even though you haven't invested any points into it. At the beginning I fell in love with the chakrims, but when I found a hammer that was stronger, I used it and quickly found out that it was not nearly as effective as it would be otherwise. REMEBER though that you can always find a fateweaver to change your skills and masteries around for a price.

what the best weapon in KoA?

what happens if you betray Gwynn at Cloudcrest & become the instrument of chaos? Do you get rewarded or does it just ask for more blood til everyones dead? anyone tried this?

This made me so sad.. I accidentally said yes to the walls offer, skipping through the conversation.. Figured I had to free him of that evil elf lookin' dude.. And then she made me fight her.. I just accepted it, after feeling sad, and went and killed everyone at the guard keeps.. :P I hope I can be good the rest of the way through.. That was certainly disappointing.. I was truly loving it until that point.. I saved before I realized what I had done. :P DUMB.

after installing KOR, running the application shows “run administrator window” after I press ok, game don’t start. how can i fix this? tnx!

Hi um I thought u know the Varani would have a big population instead there is like none and I wanted to change to an elf race because there population is twice the size can somebody tell me where a Varani city or village is

I think you missed the mark on tip #8. That tip should be re-written to include skill trainers (what else are you going to do with all that gold?). Each trainer can permanently increase the given skill once - IF your skill level falls within their training range and if you have the gold. If you go too deep in any skill, you will more than likely run across a trainer that cannot teach you anymore. Most players will want to maximize their character on the second run through. Correctly using all the trainers and the skill books (only one each skill) can completely maximize your skills except one (you can pick which you want to leave one short). You can google skill trainers to find all of them and maximize your build.


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