Respawn: The End of End of Nations and Other News

Posted Wed, Mar 05, 2014 by Xerin


It’s the end of End of Nations once more. Again we’re staring at yet another long delay in a game that was for all intents and purposes done and in beta not too long ago. Trion reclaimed it from Petroglyph, decided it’d be a MOBA, and then decided it in their hearts to focus on their MMO titles scuttling EoN once against. The main site is now down and the world scratches it head at why the game is so difficult to produce.

In other news, Blizzard has taken it upon themselves to begin the massive PR blitzkrieg. If you haven’t already started doing so, hop into Diablo III for the fun and exciting time of 50% more XP so that you can finally max out your paragon levels and be a true hero of the Horde or Alliance or whatever.

ESO Top Questions - crafting window

The Elder Scrolls Online this weekend was a ton of fun, but apparently Zenimax used an older build that is still buggy. This is a great way to spark discussion but also early dissent in a game. Oh yeah guys, let’s invite the entire Internet into our game and use a build that’s buggy and already been fixed with quests that barely work in order to let them test the game.

Maybe it was a test of their testing system? To see if the ability for people to report broken quests was working? Whatever it was, I fully expect the next beta weekend if such a thing to happen to be the full game ready to go or the game to be delayed. I’m still hopeful, and I think it’ll turn out great, but until then I remain a little hesitant.

Good / bad news for Funcom. 2013 was a terrible year for the company, but right now it seems their games are reaching cash flow positive state - which means they should be able to stay in business, however, the ongoing market manipulation investigation has yet to stop.

Chris Roberts is going to unveil the super awesome dogfighting module at PAX to a backer-only pre-PAX event. If you throw money at them they will let you come preview the demo of what will be the combat section of the game. Star Citizen gives me a headache with the long novellas that people write explaining the development of the game and how modular development is awesome while others explain it isn’t. Myself, personally, I just say whatever.

All of this news makes me really happy, it’s all a case in point that the MMO industry is not only strong, but there is still a lot going on. Tons of drama, game releases, and an exciting future for the industry. Not to mention Trion is going to double down on MMOs. With ESO and Wildstar on the horizon, followed by all of these indie games and lower budget games, and with Kickstarters in full swing for much larger projects, I can definitely see that 2014 is shaping to be a much better year.

What do you think about 2014 so far? 2013 was a lame, boring year without much to do other than play GW2. I’m generally excited and so should you.

The beta for the weekend for TESO was pretty explicit that they were stress testing. The client didn't matter... just the connectivity. Not that there aren't other possible issues, but snark should really be reserved for things that weren't explicitly stated.

Not really. Whether you/they like it or not, the massive beta testing weekends are what people talk to friends about, and what a lot of people make purchasing decisions based on.

Since we are all of 3 weeks from early launch, people expect to see what the game is going to be like. It's basically a really dumb decision to use an old buggy build "if" they have a newer one.

To me, "we gave you an older buggy build" seems more like a lie. When I have seen this kind of thing with past close to launch beta weekends, and heard the excuse "it's an old build, really... trust us", it ended up being that most of the same bugs were in launch, and had to wait to get patched out later.

Could I be wrong? Sure, but there isn't any logical reason why they would have given us an old build while inviting the massive number of people they did except that they just don't have one.

Other people who are in the main beta who were in that beta confirmed that it was an older build. There have also been a few articles showing the changes that they made to the startup area that were not in the beta. I wasn't saying anything towards what people were saying about the build, as I said. I just expect better fact checking in an article. And apparently they agree, as they changed the wording in the article after I posted to indicate that they used an older build. Originally, the article said that the beta was buggy in a way that you wouldn't expect to see in a game that's releasing next month, rather than the verbiage that's there now. CYA after the fact, without putting an updated statement at the bottom.

Bad form.

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