Rift Resurgence - 5 Reasons WoW Players Should Try Rift

Updated Fri, Feb 10, 2012 by Medawky

While many have been pronouncing Rift dead for months, an interesting trend is emerging on most of the post-consolidation shards – Rift is thriving. The most obvious reason is of course the migration of players onto new shards from those that were shuttered into Trial shards, but even that doesn’t explain the resurgence completely. Many players who viewed Rift as a placeholder of sorts, while waiting for SWTOR to launch, have come back to Telara as they find their expectations didn’t match the reality of the new title.

But like ice cream on top of pie, a game with returning players can always use new players to be even better. And what better time than now for WoW players to check out Rift as Blizzard has announced  that there will be no more content updates before Mist of Pandaria, and that is months away. With so many quality of life and accessibility changes being made to Rift recently, there is no time like the present to come check out the dynamic world of Telara.


Rift lore

No one in the history of major MMOGs has cultivated, developed and released as much quality content as quickly as Rift has, and all of it to date has been free - some games would call these additions an expansion. With a quick leveling process, most players will be able to experience the lion’s share of Rift’s content fairly quickly. Planar Invasions, rifts and zone events are exciting open world content that WoW players should enjoy as there is nothing comparable on Azeroth. Dungeon runs start at an early level and with a cross-shard LFG tool, WoW players will have no trouble assimilating to Rift dungeons. In fact, it isn’t just dungeons that the LFG tool works for in Rift, it can also get you into the thick of the action of zone events as well. At later levels the amount of content grows exponentially as Instant Adventures, Chronicles, Expert and Master Mode Dungeons, Slivers, Raids and Ember Isle become available.

PvP Improvements

Rift PvP

Rift PvP, like most MMOGs with PvP systems, is constantly evolving. Update 1.7 upped the ante with several improvements; PvP ranks were increased from 8 to 40, many restrictions were lifted from gear, PvP souls were removed and a new stat was added to gear to help improve the combat experience. Hardcore PvP players are enjoying the population increase and the added opportunities it presents for open-world PvP on PvP shards (although room exists for greater upgrades to non-warzone PvP). WoW players will enjoy a certain amount of familiarity in PvP warzones with many sharing similar goals and mechanics to those they are used to, along with a couple of new twists.

Calling Purposes

Rift Calling Purposes

One of the most powerful features in Rift, the soul system, was also one of its most frustrating at times for new players. Presenting players with an almost overwhelming number of choices and builds, many players simply stuck with one role and never ventured out of their comfort zone. The new Calling Purposes introduced in Update 1.7 will help WoW players easily navigate the many available souls by giving them 4 premade templates that will allow them to play the style of character they enjoy. As players become more invested in the game and more comfortable with how the souls work, they will be able to venture out to experiment and create their own powerful builds.

New Player Experience 

Rift lore

In conjunction with Calling Purposes, the new player experience was upgraded as well in Update 1.7. Now new players will be able to preview how their characters will look through early, mid and end game gear progressions as well as being given a more clear definition of their callings roles right off the bat.  Players will be able to initially pick a template before they set foot into Telara, and they can stick with that template as they level or build their toon on their own as they progress. WoW players may appreciate this low-risk bit of hand holding as they learn the ins and outs of Rift. Another quality of life improvement that was made was in regards to mob agro radius and mob density. Prior to recent updates there was little room for error when moving through the world, and even higher level players weren’t immune from drawing the ire of even the most trivial foes. While some purists may claim this cheapens their accomplishments, it’s a moot point because these changes weren’t designed with them in mind, but geared towards new players. WoW players will now notice little difference in mob density and agro radius from those in Azeroth.

Rift Lite

Rift Lite

Perhaps the single most important reason that WoW players should give Rift a try is the new Rift Lite feature that allows unlimited gameplay until level 20. Taking a book from Blizzard’s page here with an unlimited trial, Rift gives WoW players a completely risk-free method of determining if this is a game they would enjoy. While many of the best parts of Rift don’t kick in until end-game, the first 20 levels are a good indicator if the overall feel of the game is one they would enjoy.  Another stellar component at play here is that of free shard transfers. If WoW players do catch Rift fever, they can quickly move their character to any available shard for free.

There has never been a better time to try Rift, and if you are a former player who is thinking about coming back, you should check out this awesome post from Seebs on the Rift forums

Lot of my friends from LOTRO left for Rift. Then I left for SWTOR. After playing that dog for a month, and still suffering from LOTRO burn-out, I'm downloading Rift-Lite as I type.

All I can hope is that the game is as good as your plug of the game...

The game IS as good as it sounds. I've been playing Rift since launch and I've loved every moment. Quality game, Quality developer (quality developer being an understatement. Trion's on a level of its own).

I have to say that I was one of those people that beta tested RIFT since beta 4 and when the game launched I got to 50 fast and did a lot of raiding and burned out. I eventually became a horrible forum troll that yelled at Trion and eventually I got bitter and quit like in June 2011.

Fast-forward to January 25th or so 2012....

I got SWTOR in December, played to 50 and realize just how god-awful of a game it was. Broken, unfinished, and a buggy disaster (can't even believe they had the balls to release it). So, during that same time like end of January I saw that my Rift account had like 3 days free time on it to come back (brilliant marketing) so I said what the hell.

I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH HAS CHANGED. It's like a totally different game in a good way. It was the first MMO that I've seen in a while that had more content at 50 than it did from 1-49. Just amazed so far. I'm now about in my 2nd or 3rd week back to Rift, I signed up for 1 year (was only $99 bucks) and having a blast.

Go to Faeblight! Great server and community. :)

BUT ANYWAYS, I love Rift! ITS FUCKING BADASS now. Spread the word.

So what you mean is you were a RIFT troll then gave it up to become a SWTOR troll and now you're gonna be a RIFT troll again.....:)

I am also one of those that jumped from Rift to SWTOR (after a break of a few months). Playing SWTOR made me realise how good Rift actually was, and the new updates clinched it for me.

What put me off the first time round was the raiding elitist level 50 gameplay. Now they have changed that a bit, plus they allow free server moves, so I can get a guild that suits me.

This game has the most mature and helpful community of any MMO I've ever played.

I've met so few hormone-driven angry-at-the-world teenagers it's fantastic.
I can actually have a decent conversation with people.

Definitely couldn't do that in certain other games.

Rift Lite is not unlimited. You can not venture out of starting zone. At least in WoW you can go to other zones.

Yes you can. You can venture as far as you want. You just can't level past 20. Also, the full game is $9.99 for Christ sake. Most of you spend more than that for a couple beers on Friday...

*correction* It's only $4.99 to buy the game..... That's only one beer!


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