Rift Update 1.6 Holiday World Event Preview - A Joyous Fae Yule

Holiday events are all the rage this time of year and Trion enters the fray with the first Rift holiday event - Fae Yule. Unlike other games though, this one actually matters. Check out our preview from the Public Test Shard.

Rift Fae Yule

No rest on these holidays.

Tis the season in MMOG land for massive holiday events. Everywhere you look there is an announcement about festivities in our favorite virtual worlds. Trion so far has skipped these seasonal celebrations, seeming to focus more on playable content than the frivolity of various observances. Well break out the party hats folks, because coming with the soon to be released Update 1.6; From the Embers, all of Telara will ring in the Fae Yule.

Rift Fae Yule

Old St.Bogling?

While some games throw holiday events out there as mini-games or sideshows, the Rift team is turning theirs into a major World Event.  We have been checking this event out on the Public Test Shard and so far it has been a blast. Boglings and Fae creatures have moved into the capital cities and set up their celebratory shops. New daily quests and new items abound, and of course the creatures from the planes will have something to say about all this merrymaking.

Featured below are some great screenshots of the action and festivities, along with some of what you can expect as part of the world event. Keep in mind that this is still test shard information so it may change radically before it moves to the live shards.

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Unique Rewards

Following suit from past world events, Fae Yule will feature its own unique currency – which is the very theme appropriate snowflake.

Rift Fae Yule

Some of the holiday themed rewards. 

Rift Fae Yule

Notice the different prices on the items. Remember all info from the PTS 
is subject to change. These images were taken on the same day!

Currently there is a whole set of costume armor, a fancy holiday hat that looks like something St. Nick would wear, relics, a mount, a collectable pet and several other cosmetic items of interest available for purchase. Completing daily quests will reward you with 25 Unique Snowflakes as well as a Jingling Bell that holds various rewards inside.


Rift Fae Yule

Guess who's thirsty?

Phase 2 recently kicked off on the PTS and who should appear? Atrophinius is back and boy is he thirsty.  Those that have experienced Atrophinius in various forms of content throughout the game know that this powerful Fae will do just about anything for a six pack, and woe to anyone who doesnÂ’t follow through on their promise of that.

Rift Fae Yule

How do you catch a Unique Snowflake? Unique up on it. 

From the looks of things Update 1.6 should roll out within the next week or so, so we wonÂ’t have to wait long to begin our Joyous Fae Yule!

Rift Fae Yule

Joyous Fae Yule!

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