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With yesterday's launch of the Rift headstart, we officially kicked off our own Rift Community site here at Ten Ton Hammer. We decided to skip the fanfare and ballyhoo though; we don't need hype or trumped up claims when it comes to delivering the goods. We have been steadily plugging away for years, providing top notch guides, interviews and features on all the games our community wants to know about.

We also have a pretty good finger on the pulse of these games and can usually tell a contender from a pretender pretty early on, and Rift looks like the real deal. We also know our readers have a pretty good sense of humor and enjoy knowing more about a game than just the top DPS spec or the easiest way to kill a boss - and it is with that knowledge in mind that we bring to you our newest weekly feature - The Soulwalker. Named after my most consistent activity in game, The Soulwalker will be an evolving feature that will hopefully kick off your weekend with a recap of the hottest stories,  news and events - as well as provide me with a soapbox to launch my numerous rants from.

I have to admit, when my editor drug me out of my cave this week and demanded that I have this ready to go today, nary a day after headstart launch, I was a bit worried. I pleaded with him that there would be nothing newsworthy after only 24 hours, I mean this was one of the smoothest beta tests ever and the team at Trion worlds was about as pro as it gets. Obviously he knew far better than I that no matter what, this is still an MMOG launch and as such nothing can ever go 100% smoothly.

I was pretty geeked up this morning when I returned from my weekly breakfast meeting with a coleauge of mine, I had my broswer pointed to which was proudly declaring that "S#!^  Just Got Real!" It was only 10:02 PST so I excitedly fired up my client and set about bringing the newest incarnation of  Medawky to life, unfortunatley when I went to my predefined server choice, I was met with the harsh reality of a queue - a very, very long queue. Being a veteran gamer I was nonplussed, queues are nothing new right? But being an intrepid reporter and a WoW subscriber I also knew that S#!^ Was Hitting the Fan over on the Rift forums.

To say my instincts were correct would be a mild understatment at best, the forums were lit up like the Griswald house on December 24th. Trion was on top of it though and had an official response post up and stickied assuring gamers that they were being proactive and to show a little patience. The thread grew faster than Rosie O'Donnell's waistline at a buffet though and soon had hundreds of pages of responses. I was encouraged that most players were good natured and understanding, having been conditioned by years of overcrowded servers and awful launch days to not expect much - but there were more than enough trolls under the bridge to keep this billy goat entertained.

There were so many outstanding posts in this thread that it served as the perfect filler for my time in queue - ironic no? Here is my favorite though, at least from a practical standpoint:

I really do have to laugh here. Were any of you children around for EQ? Were you there for the thousands of server crashes, the queue times, the re-boots and headaches of Kunark? I'm not going to get into the whole "In my day we had to get on tred mills to power the log in servers for EQ and hand-drew all of the animations for Karnor's Castle with charcoal sticks." but honestly...the absurd hysterics some of you are letting loose on the boards here makes me worry about the people who are going to be playing alongside me in this game.

Lighten up. This is a game, not your one is going to die because they aren't able to get on when they want to. You didn't pay for this was simply an added bonus for buying when you did. I will guarantee you that people who purchase the game, once it goes live, will pay exactly what you paid for the game. Should the devs and Trion go back and compensate everyone who ever purchases the game again for the fact they missed out on Head Start? Simple answer to that is "no". So, no: You didn't pay for this's a bonus thank you from Trion. I'd be willing to bet a number of you whiners were the same children who made a fuss at Christmas when they didn't get what they wanted under the's a freaking gift - take it, thank the person who gave it to you and move on. Life will go on, the sun will rise, Elmo will still be on Sesame Street and Jessica Alba will still not want anything to do with you.

And, not to put too fine a point on it, but if you people are seriously going to nerd rage and quit over something like this...please do it quickly. The mentality which you are displaying is EXACTLY that which I am fleeing from WoW. I have NO desire to play with a bunch of fast-food mentality, insta-gratification seeking chuckle heads who throw a fit at the first sign of trouble, start demanding compensation for understandable technical issues, whine about things being too hard or content not casual friendly. Seriously...please quit and do not contribute to the virtual gene pool of this game.

So...if you're feeling that need to toss your keyboard across the room and fire off a nasty letter to the devs threatening to us a favor and depart quickly as you'll decrease the queue times, the server load and the stress of having to play along-side you lot of misfits - not to mention no one will miss you or your childish antics.'s're not the special snowflake you've been deluded into thinking you are by over indulgent parents and a society which promotes sloth, poor manners and an over hyped sense of self importance.

Trion: Keep up the good work. You've got an amazing product, great people working for you and a wonderful vision to move us all forward on the journey you've presented us.


Kudos to Darkothe for his incredibly lucent post, he is welcome to play in my virtual sandbox any time, I'll even let him use my favorite Tonka truck. Now if you all will excuse me I think my queue just popped.

Rift Queue
 He looks so stern because of the queue.

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