Rift: 6 Things To Do Your First Week in Rift

The headstart is over and the official launch day is upon us.
The headstart is over and the official launch day is upon us. The world of Telara rejoices as new Ascended take to the battlefield.  With most long time beta testers being among the pre-order crowd chances are good that today’s crop of players are brand new to the game, and we have some tips for those entering Rift for the first time.

Play a Bard

Piano man?
One of the biggest upsides to Rift is that it brings to light some very interesting classes (known as souls here) to the mass of players who may have only had their WoW experience to draw from.  Classes such as the Bard may be old hat to D&D, DAoC and EQ players, but to the newly initiated this may be the first chance to get a taste of some very innovative gameplay.  I would also recommend the Beastmaster and the Paragon in the warrior calling, the Justicar in the cleric calling and the Chloromancer in the mage calling.  

Check Your Mail

You've got mail!
Chances are if you pre-ordered then you are well into the game by now with the 5 day headstart having passed, but perhaps you wanted to wait for your friends or you bought the Collector’s Edition at a brick and mortar. Either way, many players have some special gifts waiting for them in their mailbox. Just under the minimap there will be a glowing icon that resembles a letter if you do indeed have mail. The first mailbox is found after you finish the intro quest lines at the first quest hub of either Silverwood or Freemarch.

Join a Public Group

Where Warhammer Online tried to bring players together during the leveling experience, Rift succeeds.  Using an open ended public group system, which is enabled by default but can be shut off by the player if desired, you can instantly team up with another player who is doing the same quests by pressing a button on their target portrait. Some players may still not be comfortable with this system, so asking ahead of time isn’t a bad idea, but most who have been involved with the game for any length of time will have no problem with you hopping into their public group if it is enabled.
Another public grouping feature is found during invasions and foothold encounters throughout the game.  The system will automatically add you to the raid party if stay the area of one of these events for any amount of time, or if you are already in an existing group it will prompt you to merge the groups – making party management a breeze.

Seal a Rift


This rift definetly needs some sealant.

Even though the soul and public quest systems are amazing, they didn’t name the game after them.  To play Rift without participating in the rift invasions would be like going to a steakhouse to order a turkey sandwich.  This emergent gameplay is easily one of the most exciting aspects of the game and it unites players against a common and deadly foe. Rift events give the game an extra dimension of immersion as entire zones are assaulted and the storyline is driven along, giving you a feeling of being a vital component in the survival of Telara.

Dye Your Armor

Style and sophistication.
It may seem like a trivial thing, but many players are tired of looking like everyone else.  Before WoW came along, most MMOGs had numerous ways to make your character stand out visually, whether it was rare lootable armor, crafted unique weapons or flaming hair, players wanted to be different. Rift has added armor dyes to help players craft a unique look and it works in much the same way that dyes from EverQuest did. You purchase vials of different colors and then add them to either the primary or secondary areas of each armor piece to give it your own style and flair.

Learn a Tradeskill

Hunting and gathering are alive and well in the world of Rift, as players are allowed to train in three primary tradeskills.  Butchering, Foraging and Mining encompass the gathering skills.  Apothecary, Armorsmith, Artificer, Outfitter, Runecrafting and Weaponsmith comprise the crafting side.  Whether you simply want to gather as many resources as possible for quick profit at auction or you want to cobble together powerful items and potions to help yourself and your guild along, it is advisable to start the process as early as possible.  It is too easy to get wrapped up in a new game and forget crafting, or deciding to put it off until you hit level cap, but the backtracking and time spent in low level zones can often feel tedious – I recommend knocking it out as you level to get the most out of the experience.

So take some time this first week to check out some of the more interesting and innovative features of Rift, the endgame will be there for a long time but the new experiences only happen once.

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