Rift: Travels Through Telara Part 10 - Gods of The Vigil

Join Guardian scribe, Padraic, and his trusty, yet slow-witted lackey Bran, as they travel the length and breadth of Telara documenting the people, places, history, and folklore of the world. Before it’s all gone.

Travels Through Telara

By Padraic

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Greetings, dear reader. Today you find myself and Bran going through something of a rough patch. I am still angry at him for his actions last week, actions that had us both hiding up a tree for some hours while the husband of a barmaid Bran had taken a fancy to hunted us like game.

While stuck up that tree, I discussed the Gods of the Blood Storm, so it only makes sense that this week I would talk a bit about their opposite number, the Vigil. The Vigil is a sort of conglomerate made up of the five Gods of Telara. After the Blood Storm Wars they created the Ward to help protect the world from these attacking Dragon Gods. But since then they have been worryingly silent. The Guardians think they will one day return to save us all, while the Defiant think they have abandoned us and left us to fight by our-selves. I do not know the truth of this. Nobody does.

The first of the gods is Thedeor,  the god of war. Thedeor cuts an imposing figure, clad in intricate plate armor, a massive two-handed sword gripped in his hands. He is Justice incarnate. He defends those too small and weak to defend themselves, (Like Bran, for instance.) He looks favorably on bravery, self-sacrifice, and fighting for the greater good of all mankind. He is also an unforgiving God. He abhors cowardice in all its forms. Even a momentÂ’s weakness will earn you his ire. Thedeor is also known as the God of Swords, for reasons that should be rather obvious.



Next up is Bahralt. Bahralt is known as the builder, the god of craftsmen, ingenuity, and civilization. He is the spirit of modern man, the spirit of the city, if you will. He wants his followers to study, to learn everything, from trades, to crafts, toÂ… well, anything really. Gaining new knowledge is like saying prayers to him. The more you learn, the more you know, and the more favorably he will look upon you. He wants everyone to improve their minds, and then to share that with our neighbors, to spread the wonder that is learning. Of all the Gods, it is Bahralt who I look upon most favorably. I understand what he stands for.

Thontic is something of an enigma. Many people look on him as their patron saint, but these people range across a wide variety of lifestyles. From thieves, to sailors, to traders, to travelers to spies. Thontic is known as the God of the Sea, the God of Mystery. I suppose one can see the link between the two. Nothing is more mysterious than what lurks beneath the dark depths of the ocean. People pray to Thontic when they are setting out on long journeys, hoping the God will watch over and protect them. But scholars also worship him, those who study the mysteries of magic.



Strangely, so do those who enforce our laws. They are known to ask him for guidance in uncovering crimes. Actually, perhaps it is not so strange. A mystery is a mystery, yes? Whether it is uncovering the secrets of magic, or trying to find out who murdered the man lying in the street.

In the city of Sanctum, most commerce takes place in Thontic Square, where every exchange, every barter, every haggled price, is said to bring him great pleasure.

Tavril is the goddess of nature. She is the earth mother, the glint of sunshine on a lake one summerÂ’s afternoon, the rustle of crisp autumn leaves blown about in a blustery grey sky, the frigid kiss of cheek-numbing wind in the depths of winter. She is the protector of the wilds of Telara. She is the fickleness of nature. Those who are at one with nature will be treated favorably. But those who destroy, those who cut back and try to tame the wilds of the worlds, will be looked upon as her enemy.

Before the Vigil formed , she was the patron of the High Elves. She shared a special bond with them. She was their protector, and they were hers.



I get the feeling that other gods and their worshipers underestimate Tavril, that they see it as their duty to protect her (and, by extension, Telara itself). But I see this as slightly conceited. After mankind has gone. After the Elves have gone. After the dwarves have all died out, and the gods have no one left to worship them, who will remain? Tavril. And she will be stronger than ever because in the end, nature will reclaim all. Cities will crumble beneath her patient touch. Objects made by dwarf hands will rot and become absorbed into her being.

Personally, I think Tavril is the most powerful of all the gods.

Lastly we have Mariel-Taun. She is the goddess of love and beauty, the patron of lovers, healers, and the arts. She is the heart of the Vigil. She wants nothing more than for her followers to make things, to tap into their creative sides. She encourages her followers to dream, to reach out and attempt anything they want to. She wants her followers to show compassion, to protect and improve Telara. She is the goddess of community and compassion.

War is anathema to Mariel-Taun. War is the destruction of everything she holds dear. Even in these dark times she wishes us all to pause, to find beauty in the world around us. And although this may seem difficult, when we do find something worthy of Mariel-Taun, it is all the more powerful for being so hard-won. The heart of the Vigil wants us to find love wherever we can find it, and to share it joyfully.

I sigh. Who am I to condemn Bran for following his heart. He is young, romantic. Not for him the heavy cynicism of middle age. By his actions yesterday, Bran opened his heart to Mariel-Taun. By judging him, condemning him, I opened my heart to the Blood Storm.

It is I who was in the wrong, not Bran.

Bugger. That means I have to apologize. Never been much good at that.

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