Rift: Travels Through Telara Part 3 - Borrin Gamult

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By Padraic

Greetings, once again, people of Telara. It is I, Padraic, your trusty scribe. You may recall that last time Bran and I had decided to venture into Ardenburgh to speak to Borrin Gamult. (And, somewhat more importantly, to find some food). Bran now leads the way through the broken and devastated town, the colorful skirt he now wears as a cloak acting as a lurid beacon for me to follow. (Plus - and please forgive me if this sounds a bit cold - serving as a target to draw any unwanted attention away from my good self.)

As we traverse the streets, avoiding the Deathbound Thralls and Ardenburgh Horrors, I thought it might be helpful to talk about the dwarven king we were going to interview, one of the heroes of the Shade War.

Rift Travels Through Telara

Borrin Gamult

Borrin Gammult is the King of the Dwarves. A great and respected leader by all accounts, one who puts the needs of his people before his own wants. (A rare trait to find in someone who wields power.) Borrin ruled his people from Lord’s Hall, the military seat of the dwarven race. Here, craftsmen designed and created the finest weapons and armor you will find in the world.

Borrin has always hated the Ethians and their tampering with magi-tech. He thought it unholy, an affront to nature. Combining machinery with the power of sourcestone was something that should not be done. It was manipulating the gifts of the gods and molding it into what it should never be. So when he heard that Prince Aedraxis had lifted the ban on Ethian machinery, he was appalled. He gathered up a delegation, preparing to march to the Prince and inform him just how stupid he thought Aedraxis was being. (Hopefully, he would have taken an ambassador or advisor with him. Someone to tell him that calling the Prince an idiot might not be entirely beneficial to his cause.)

But Borrin hadn’t even left Lord’s Hall before he heard that Aedraxis was using the Ethian technology to tamper with the Ward that protected Telara. Borrin was horrified, and quickly turned his delegation into a war party, moving the main strength of his army out of Lord’s Hall and marching to Thedeors Field. He was warned not to. Dwarven clerics had received visions of his death, but this did not deter the King. He knew his duty.

Borrin arrived just as Prince Aedraxis’s forces clashed with the forces of good. Borrin fought alongside Prince Zareph and Cyril Kalmar in that final battle for Telara. He was filled with righteous fury at what Aedraxis was doing, and was determined to reach the traitor prince before he could go through with his plan to release Regulos from his prison.

He fought through Aedraxis’s dragon knights, felling them with his mighty axe. A mist of blood hung over him as he slashed and hacked his way toward the traitor. But Aedraxis was out of reach, riding his mighty, fleshcrafted steed. Borrin used his hammer and staved the creature’s skull in. Aedraxis fell to the ground, but just as Borrin lifted his hammer to end the prince’s life, he unleashed his holy power and breached the Ward. A rift tore open on the battlefield and Regulos unleashed his death energies. Borrin was hit with the full force of this power. In an instant, a black corrupting wind buffeted past him. It ripped his skin from his face, tore muscles and tendons from his bones, plucked his very eyes from his skull. Only his skeleton was left, one arm reaching out as if to grasp hold of Aedraxis.

Rift Travels Through Telara

Aedraxis unleashes The Shade

But such heroism was not to go unrewarded. The gods of the Vigil ascended Borrin, and he has since vowed to rid the world of Regulos’s corruption.

Bran and I find Borrin at Thoric’s Fountain in Ardenburgh. I am alarmed at his look of exhaustion on his face as he crafts weapons from steel brought to him by the many adventurers who have rallied to the cause.

I explain my task to him and he grunts non-committedly.

“Not much good to anyone, is it?” he asks.

“On the contrary,” I say. “I think it’s important that people know the stories of Telara.

“Steel is what’s important now. Warriors, soldiers. Scribes are a waste of my time.”

I hold my temper. I have a feeling I will be encountering attitudes such as this quite often on my travels. Instead, I ask him why he has not returned to Lord’s Hall.

“Nothing there now,” he snaps. “I took most of my army to fight Aedraxis. Those who were left behind couldn’t defend the Hall. It was overrun. Had to lock it down, seal it up. At night you can still hear the cries of those inside.”

“That can’t be,” I say.
He shrugs. “Believe what you want. I’m a King without a people, and all I can do is help defeat the evil that has caused all this.” He lifts his hammer into the air. The sun glints on the blood-stained metal. “Those who stand with Regulos will come to fear this hammer, because it is the last thing they will see before they die. By the Gods of the Vigil, so I swear it!”

“Um,” says Bran, raising an apologetic finger into the air. “Sorry, but how will they come to fear it if it’s the last thing they see before they die?” He looks confused. “I mean, they’ll be dead. So they can’t really come to fear it, can they? Unless you just sort of, bash some of them about a bit, and let them live? Then they can go away and say ‘Oh, I fear that hammer, look what it did to me. Have you ever seen a bruise this big? It really hurts when I move. We should all really fear Borrin’s hammer.’ That way, they can spread the word around.”

Bran beams at us, as if he has just given the answer to a knotty philosophical dilemma. I look at Borrin. He has a pained expression on his face, and his fingers are curling and uncurling around the shaft of the hammer, like he really, really wants to use it on something. I hastily thank Borrin and guide Bran gently away.

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