Rift: Travels Through Telara Part 9 - Gods of the Blood Storm

Posted Thu, Nov 10, 2011 by Medawky

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Travels Through Telara

By Padraic

Greetings, dear reader. If you cast your mind back to last week's missive, you will remember that I was acting as a poet for dear, simple Bran, feeding him lines of love that he could repeat to a local barmaid who had stolen his heart.

Unfortunately, said barmaid happened to have a husband, and he didn't take kindly to two men hovering outside their window trying to woo his wife.  This has led to a certain amount of running on our part. Running and hiding. A lot of running and hiding. Now, for instance, I am perched up a tree in the forest while I can hear the husband and his friends some distance away thrashing through the undergrowth. Once this is all over I'm going to have a stern word with Bran, I'll tell you that for nothing.

But all this got me thinking a little bit about death. Which, in turn, made me realize I have made a grave (pardon the pun) omission in my journal entries thus far.

I hadn't talked about the actual Gods of the Blood Storm. You know, the ones who are trying to destroy our world. So this week, while I wait for our pursuers to lose interest, I will remedy that situation.



First of all, there is Maelforge, the Flame Sire. Maelforge comes from the Plane of Fire. He is Chaos incarnate. He spreads dissent and distrust. But it is not just destruction Maelforge wants. He revels in pain, suffering. His goal is to break the world down to within an inch of complete destruction, and then allow everything to regrow simply so he can do it all over again. He gets pleasure from watching things fall to pieces. Maelforge is totally focused on the eternal cycle of death, regrowth, and renewed destruction. He is a nihilist God, utterly self-indulgent in his desire to see others suffer. He is also selfish, and this is why he turned against his brethren when it came time to destroy Telara. He wanted it all for himself.

Next is Greenscale. Greenscale come from the Plane of Life and is the complete opposite of Maelforge. Greenscale wants nature to take control, for the wilds of the world to rise up and devour all of civilization. Greenscale is utterly against structure and rules. He is untamed nature personified. Kill or be killed. Survival of the fittest.

Rift Lore


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Greenscale is also closely tied with the minions of Faerie. These creatures are also about wild, untamed nature, so it is no surprise that they would find common ground. What is a surprise is how quickly some of the High Elves have switched allegiance for Tavril to Greenscale. But I talked about that in one of my earlier journals so I will not repeat myself here.

Excuse me for a second. I hear running feet in the leaves below.

Ah, it's Bran. He has finally caught up with me. I lean out of the tree. "Psst!"

Bran skids to a stop, then trips over a tree root. He rolls onto his back and stares up at me with relief. I urgently gesture for him to climb the tree; I can hear his pursuers close by.

Right. I've finished glaring at my shame-faced sidekick for the moment. On with the entry.
 Akylios comes from the Plane of Water. He is the God of secrets, of magic, and is utterly insane. Not much is known about him. He is the most inscrutable of all the gods, because who can ever understand madness? At least the other Gods have some reasoning behind their desires, misguided and evil though these reasons are, but Akylios is beyond understanding. We interest him because he likes the sound of our screams. That is what keeps him going. The desire to inflict pain on us so he can hear us cry out in horror.

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Next up is Crucia. She is the dragon goddess from the Plane of Air. Of all the Gods, it is actually Crucia who disturbs me the most. She is the fleeting change of emotion, the whispering voice that cajoles seemingly normal people to acts of violence. She burrows into your mind, whispering, promising, until you can no longer tell her thoughts from your own. And once she has you, she will bend you to her will, ordering you to murder family, friends, parents, children. That is Crucia’s control. She was once the mate of Regulos, but it was Crucia who was the first to rebel against Regulos's desire to devour Telara.

Next is Laethys, the dragon goddess from the Plane of Earth. She is the Queen of Avarice, with scales of gold and eyes of diamond. Laethys simply wants to possess everything, to be worshipped by everyone. She joined Crucia's rebellion because if the world was destroyed, who would worship her? Who would being her offerings of jewels and gold? But that doesn't mean she and Crucia are allies. Far from it. Crucia preaches unthinking obedience and devotion, whereas Laethys wants passion and lust. They are totally opposites.

And finally we have Regulos himself, the Destructor, the Dragon of Extinction. Regulos comes from the Plane of Death, and although he is the strongest of the Blood Storm Gods, he is also the simplest in his desires. He wants an end to all things. To destroy all life. As simple as that. Perhaps ironically, his body was actually destroyed during at the end of the Blood Storm Wars, and it is his desire for revenge against the people who did this to him that currently drives him.

And there we have it. These are the Gods who are responsible for all the problems in the world. Well, not quite. I mean, Bran is pretty good at getting us into trouble as well, but on a slightly smaller scale.

In fact, it sounds as though our pursuers have headed off in a different direction. I think we will wait another hour or so and then get going. We are making our way to the capital city of Sanctum, you see. A long walk lies ahead.

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