WTH is a DRR: A Guide to the Most Common Level 50 Rift Acronyms

Are you new to Rift or just new to Level 50 Chat? Wondering what all those crazy abbreviated terms are? Check out this guide for a list of the most commonly used acronyms in Telara.

Rift acronyms

Are you new to Rift, or maybe just new to level 50 chat? If so you may have noticed a ton of acronyms be bantered about, and fearing looking foolish may have resisted the urge to ask their definitions. Well my friends - fear no more.  Here is a list of some of the newest and most common abbreviations and acronyms used in Rift today.

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DRR Daily Rift Raid. This is a 20 player encounter that is spawned in a few locations throughout the higher end zones in Telara. It requires a special lure, which is purchased in the capital cities for planarite [protip] You need pre-requisite faction to purchase the full lure, but if you lack it you can purchase a husk and infuse it with 10 corrupted souls to create one[/protip]. Progressing through various stages much like any other rift encounter, the DRR offers increased rewards based on the number of stages you complete, with most groups aiming for the final encounter and epic level loot. There are several different Raid Rift lures that can be purchased, but only one that corresponds with that day’s daily quest to offer maximum returns.

Rift acronyms

DXR = Daily Expert Rift. These are Similar to the daily rift raid, but are tuned for smaller groups and less stringent on gear/stat requirements.  

MDD or MMDD = Master Mode Darkening Deeps.  Master Mode dungeons were introduced with Update 1.5 and are the most difficult 5 player encounter in the game currently.  Darkening Deeps is the first, and as of this writing the only iteration of a Master Mode on live servers. These encounters reward Marks of Ascension, a currency used to purchase raid level gear, and tier 1 raid equivalent loot.

T1X or T1 = Tier 1 Expert Dungeons. Tier 1 Expert Dungeons are the first level of advanced progression for players looking to raid or gain raid level gear for their characters. They are more difficult versions of existing dungeons with extra bosses and better rewards. T1 encounters reward Plaques of Achievement, the base epic level item currency.

Rift acronyms

T2X or T2  = Tier 2 Expert Dungeons. Similar to their T1 counterparts, T2 dungeons offer a slightly higher level of difficulty and better rewards, with the chance at epic loot and daily rewards of a Mark of Ascension for completing the instance.

GP = Gilded Prophecy. Gilded Prophecy is one of the 10 player encounters known as Slivers. Slivers are available to players who have purchased a special planar ability that allows them to be seen. Only one player in the raid group needs to have the ability to open it. Slivers are on par with Tier 1 raid content and provide epic loot and Marks of Ascension for killing bosses. Slivers, along with Raid Rifts are currently the most popular form of PuG content on most shards. One caveat about Slivers, they are on a weeklong lockout timer.

DH = Drowned Halls, the other Sliver currently on the live shards.

HK = Hammerknell, a 20 player raid instance or a 2 player Chronicle.  On most shards the common use of this acronym is usually accompanied by the word partner, referring to the 2 player version.  Chronicles are 2 player instances that offer Plaques of Achievement and rare quality loot. They are designed primarily for fresh level 50 toons and allow players who don’t raid the ability to experience some of the lore behind the current raid zones
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Rift acronyms

GB or GSB = Greenscale’s Blight, another 20 player raid or 2 player Chronicle. Again, this is most commonly seen as the 2 player version as players are looking for someone to adventure with them.

With a seemingly endless amount of  new content being pumped into Rift, this list is far from complete or final, so check back often for updates.

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