Rift Dungeon Guide : Charmer's Caldera

Partially buried in the Shimmersand Desert, Charmer's Caldera is the final tune up before beginning Tier 1 Expert Dungeons.

rift guide rift dungeon guide Charmer's Caldera

Ethian technology is a powerful force in the world of Telara. Orphiel Farwind’s pursuit and reclamation of it is the catalyst for the Defiant rise to power and a key component of the battle against Regulos. But not everyone who thirsts for this knowledge does so to save the world.

Buried in the desert sands of Shimmersand is the ancient Ethian factory of Charmer’s Caldera. Now a hive of Storm Legion activity as they seek to unlock its long forgotten secrets in an attempt to  unleash the Dragon Aspects onto Telara.

rift guide rift dungeon guide CC

Group Configuration

The second of the level 50 dungeons that prep you for entry level Experts, Charmer’s Caldera is a decent test for standard group configurations.  There are a couple of pulls that may require the support player to pump in some extra healing or CC,  but any combination of capable healer and tank will work fine. If you are new to the role you are setting out to perform however, you may want to start with one of the lower level instances.


Charmer's Caldera

Starts: Charmer's Caldera
From: Zone In
Vanquish all four boss encounters in CC

Evil's Root - Guardian

Starts: Charmer's Caldera
From: Tam Daggerbone
Activate 5 Ethian Cores

All That Glitters - Defiant

Starts: Charmer's Caldera
From: Slyver Valis
Activate 5 Ethian Cores

In Death We Part

Starts: Charmer's Caldera
From: Reesha Ahnar
Gain the Reesha's Burden debuff by clicking the object next to quest giver and then use Reesha's Remains on her suspended body.


Rift Dungeon Guide Charmer's CalderaRift Dungeon Guide Charmer's CalderaRift Dungeon Guide Charmer's CalderaRift Dungeon Guide Charmer's CalderaRift Dungeon Guide Charmer's CalderaRift Dungeon Guide Charmer's CalderaRift Dungeon Guide Charmer's CalderaRift Dungeon Guide Charmer's CalderaRift Dungeon Guide Charmer's CalderaRift Dungeon Guide Charmer's CalderaRift Dungeon Guide Charmer's CalderaRift Dungeon Guide Charmer's CalderaRift Dungeon Guide Charmer's CalderaRift Dungeon Guide Charmer's CalderaRift Dungeon Guide Charmer's Caldera


rift guide rift dungeon guide CC

Smouldaron is the first boss encounter in CC, and one of the easiest to defeat.  In many respects the trash that litters his platform can prove more problematic than he will – so make sure to clear it all out before engaging him as you may need the room to kite him. Kiting the boss is the biggest mechanic at play here, so put the dragon in your wagon and lead him around the room.  Smouldaron uses an ability called Smoldering Bolt that he casts on a random player, leaving a burning circle of AoE damage that you won’t want to stand in. The tank will want to move Smouldaron if this ability is cast on any melee DPS, or to allow DPS some room to maneuver.  The other ability that Smouldaron uses is a DoT effect that can either be healed through or dispelled, with dispelling being the preferred method of dealing with it.


CC guide rift

Next up is Cyclorax, which can be the most difficult fight in the zone if you are melee DPS heavy.

Cyclorax likes to blow off steam with a host of AoE abilities, including his most devastating tantrum – Cyclonic Destruction. Cyclonic Destruction is an explosive ability with a long cast time, that can one shot under eared or lower health opponents with ease.  His other AoE abilities, while certainly annoying, aren’t much of a bother and can be healed though easily enough.  Do your best at mitigating and avoiding damage and run like mad when he begins to cast Cyclonic Destruction.
[protip]If you have a Cleric tank and all ranged DPS you can simply allow the tank to throw out a couple of bolts for agro and then unload on him, completely avoiding any damage from his AoE explosion[/protip]

Ryka Dharvos

CC guide rift

Ryka Darvos is the third encounter in Charmer’s Caldera and one that doesn’t pose too much of a threat to most groups. Ryka employs the help of some friends whenever she loses 25% of her health points, and two adds spawn when she reaches her final 25%. These adds can do some damage if not taunted by the tank, but if all DPS switches to them immediately they will go down quickly. Ryka also likes to hit an opponent at random with a pretty nasty stacking bleed effect. This DoT is curable and should be cleansed ASAP. Ryka will also drop some poo gas on the floor that should be avoided, so some kiting of the boss is to be expected. 

Caelia the Stormtouched

rift guide rift dungeon guide charmer's

The final encounter in Charmer’s Caldera is Caelia the Stormtouched. There is a moderate amount of RP just before she engages, but it is fairly quick and interesting – just don’t tab out or she may attack when you’re not looking.

Caelia is a three phase encounter that consists of a normal DPS phase, an add phase and a rotating laser blaster of death phase.  The first phase is fairly straight forward as she beats on the tank and randomly casts an AoE stun. Having a healer, or off healer, with HoTs can help trivialize this mechanic.

During the adds phase she becomes invulnerable and summons whirling balls of light that need to be rounded up and burned down quickly as they can stack a nasty de-buff on the party that increases damage taken.

The final phase is where things get fun. Caelia will cease all normal attacks and begin to channel her Wild Lightning spell.  As she casts this spell she will rotate clockwise around the room at a moderate pace. Have everyone stack behind her and continue DPS, making sure not to get caught by the beam of the spell.

Repeat these three phases for your shiny new loot and a spiffy achievement.

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