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Posted Tue, Jan 04, 2011 by B. de la Durantaye


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In this exclusive interview with Trion Worlds, Ten Ton Hammer grabs at the recipe book of crafting in the upcoming Rift MMOG. Sitting amidst the smoking cauldrons and bubbling flasks of an apothecary’s laboratory, we talked with Gina Reams, Crafting Systems Designer, and Adam Gershowitz, Producer, to get all the ingredients of what crafting entails in the fantasy world of Rift. Some say you should never ask how a dish is created, but Ten Ton Hammer dares!

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Ten Ton Hammer: What types of crafting skills will be available in Rift?

Gina Reams: We’ve got Armorsmithing, which does heavy armor such as chain and plate. We also have Outfitting, which does light armor, which includes cloth and leather. We also have Apothecary, which does a lot of our potions and brews. We have Runecrafting, which does magical enchantments on weapons and armor, giving them special properties. And we have Weaponsmithing. Weaponsmithing is important and deals with all kinds of weapons, from bows to swords to two-handed weapons. There is also Artificer, which makes necklaces, jewelry, and special items.

Adam Gershowitz: Those are basically our high end production skills, so that is all the various things that a player can make. Most of our trade skills cover almost every equipable item in the game. Players can make almost anything that they can get elsewhere in the game.

The sole exception to that rule is the special rift loot, which is the lift essences and focuses, which are specifically part of the rift system. In addition to our six production skills, we also have three harvesting, or gathering, skills, which are: Mining (which produces metals and precious gems), Foraging (woods, herbs), and Butchering (skinning monsters to get their hides, teeth, bones, innards, and everything you can possibly need an animal for).


Ten Ton Hammer: So how many professions can you take?

Gina Reams: You can take a maximum of three professions, and you can mix them between the production skills and the harvesting skills in any combination you like.

Adam Gershowitz: We’ve actually designed the system to be a little more inter-dependent. If you wanted to be the very best armor crafter or smith you could be, you would probably want to take Armorsmithing plus two harvesting skills. That would almost make you completely self-sufficient. That being said, if you take Armorsmithing, Weaponsmithing, and Mining, you could make a good portion of the items and definitely level up to the maximum, but there will be several things that you couldn’t make and would have to rely upon the auction house or the player economy to do.

"Most of the crafts are based around a station. For example, an Apothecary is based around a laboratory or a loom for an Outfitter. The vast majority of the recipes will require you to be at town, near a station to do them. That means that every now and then, there might be a recipe that you can do at any location in the world."
Ten Ton Hammer: Can you tell us how crafting actually works? Can you walk us through creating a particular product?

Adam Gershowitz: The process is really simple approach-wise. A lot of our game is more in the gathering of materials rather than in hitting the button to combine. The big part of the process is finding the recipe that you want, as well as the ingredients that you need to make the recipe. Obviously, there are simple recipes that you can get off the trainer. You can walk up to a guy and go, “I want to be an Armorsmith now,” and he goes, “Great! I can teach you to make tin boots.” At which point, you find yourself with a tin boot recipe and it’s all about finding the tin and cloth you need to make the boots. You get the items, click a button, and you’re one-and-done. You’re out the other end. We chose not to go with a mini-game, because the simpler combination method is more accessible to a larger number of people and we wanted to make crafting something a lot of people would enjoy, not just a small percentage.

That being said, for those people who like to hand-tune their items a bit more, we have the augment system, which we’ll get into a little bit later. While the normal process is to get a recipe, find the ingredients, and craft the recipe, there is an expanded process that involves using special augments that you find in various parts of the world by doing different activities. The expanded process is to get a recipe, get the materials for that recipe, find the specific augments that you want to customize your item, and craft that item. The augments allow you to customize your item to have specific or different stats based off your personal desire for the item or for whomever you’re making the item for.


Ten Ton Hammer: You mentioned going to the trainer to learn recipes. Is there any other way to learn recipes? Will there be dropped recipes or rewards from artifact collections or rift rewards?

Gina Reams: Your skilling up recipes that you will use to level up will come from your trainers. There will be recipes in other parts of the world. They can drop off of mobs, rift vendors, reputation vendors, and crafting daily quests, which will reward you with recipes. To get through crafting, you can just use the trainer recipes. If you want to be the best in your craft and have the most diverse amount of recipes, you’re going to be out in the world doing quests and searching for drops.

Ten Ton Hammer: Or buying them off the auction house.

Gina Reams: Yeah.

"We’ve actually designed the system to be a little more inter-dependent. If you wanted to be the very best armor crafter or smith you could be, you would probably want to take Armorsmithing plus two harvesting skills."
Adam Gershowitz: There are definitely four subsets of recipes. There is obviously the trainer ones, which are bare bones and designed to get you through the game. Then there are the dropped ones, which are your open economy recipes. Finally, as Gina said, there are the faction recipes and the Artisan store, which are rewards for doing crafting daily quests, which are more of a personal thing. You won’t be able to go to the auction house to get that particular recipe; you’ll have to put the effort into crafting to get a hold of these recipes.

Ten Ton Hammer: I’d like to expand upon that because we haven’t really talked about it before. For the daily crafting where you can get these recipes as rewards, are they going to be level appropriate or are they randomized? Will you end up getting repeats of the recipes?

Adam Gershowitz: I can answer that one. Basically, the way that we set up our daily quests is more of a work order/barter currency system. The current daily quests in the game are fairly simple work orders. “Hey, there’s a certain faction in the world that wants you to make boots for them.” You make the boots and deliver them. As part of the reward for that, you get notoriety with that faction, so you’re working towards getting things out of their store the same one somebody else is by adventuring and killing monsters, but at the same time, we give you artisan tokens and a materials grab bag.

Instead of throwing a random recipe in the grab bag and telling you to grind, grind, grind, grind and never getting the recipe you want, you’re collecting the barter currency with the artisan tokens which you can spend on a variety of different recipes that you can see on a store and see what is going on there. That being said, there are awesome things in the grab bags ranging from materials in the level of the daily you did to special augments and other things as well.


Ten Ton Hammer: Is there going to be a need to return to town to craft or can you do it anywhere in the world?

Gina Reams: Most of the crafts are based around a station. For example, an Apothecary is based around a laboratory or a loom for an Outfitter. The vast majority of the recipes will require you to be at town, near a station to do them. That means that every now and then, there might be a recipe that you can do at any location in the world.

Adam Gershowitz: The guaranteed places to craft are the capital areas, but depending upon where you are in the world, you may across an apothecary station or a workbench. There are definitely other places to craft in the world, but the guaranteed places are in the capital cities or lower level areas. We did that on purpose because it helps build the community up, and all of your core things that you need to craft (auction house, bank, mailbox, other players to barter with) are located in one centralized area.

Ten Ton Hammer: How does crafted gear compare to dropped gear?

Gina Reams: Crafted gear is comparable to gear that you find dropped throughout the world, either from rifts or quests.

Adam Gershowitz: I can give you a better idea in terms of general game balance. Your basic crafted items are comparable to world drops. If you make a level 17 uncommon sword, it is going to be similar in quality (in stats) to a level 17 world drop item or a level 17 uncommon dungeon item, where the difference is mainly in the augmentation.

Gina Reams: With crafted items, you have the ability to add a little extra onto them and augment them, which can take them a little bit above the general power level of an item that you would find in a drop.

This concludes the first part of our two-part interview of crafting in Rift with Gina Reams and Adam Gershowitz. The second part of our interview will be published in a few days.


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