Buy RIFT and Get a Free Collector's Edition Upgrade

RIFT offers a chance for a free Collector’s Edition upgrade if you purchase the game through April 22nd.

If youÂ’re looking to give RIFT a try, this weekend might be a good time. Trion Worlds has served up an offer for RIFT fans that will be available over the coming weekend. From April 19th through April 22nd, you can purchase the full digital download version of RIFT for $19.99 and get 30 days of free game time and a free CollectorÂ’s Edition upgrade for some exclusive in-game items that include the Ancient Tartagon mount (AKA the turtle mount), the 24 slot CollectorÂ’s Satchel and the Bogling Wastrel companion.

Source: RIFT with free Collector's Edition upgrade for $14.99

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