Return to RIFT for Free Through July 19th

By Stacy Jones -

If you have a RIFT account and for whatever reason decided to step away from the game following its March launch, you may have missed quite a bit of new content added with several major updates. Luckily, this week is your chance to come back and check it all out for free.

Trion Worlds has put out a call for former ascended to return to action and see what’s new in RIFT. Starting today and continuing through July 19th, former players can return to Telara and check out all the latest content and help fight back invaders during RIFT’s second World Event – Waves of Madness.

A lot has changed in Telara since launch and Trion Worlds has added lots of new content such as the Gilded Prophecy 10-man raid instance, several new invasions, cosmetic slots, guild banks and much more. If you like what you see you can even take advantage of RIFT's summer discount subscription prices. So dust off your sword and return to Telara for a week of invasion madness.

Source: RIFT website

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