RIFT 2.2: Carnival of the Ascended Update Goes Live

By Stacy Jones -

Trion Worlds flagship MMORPG title, RIFT, turns two this week. With the second anniversary just a couple of days away, Trion has launched its latest update with 2.2: Carnival of the Ascended. The update features the return of the Carnival of the Ascended complete with new games, events, a new alternate-mode warzone, and new prizes to be earned.

Additionally, the 2.2 update also adds two new Dimensions, four new hard mode raid bosses for Storm legion, the next tier of Planar Attunement for PvP and PvE, a new wild zone event in the Steppes of Infinity zone, and more.

Patch notes for the update are available on the RIFT forums. Be sure to check out the new trailer for the update below.

Sources: Patch Notes, YouTube

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