RIFT 2.1: Endless Eclipse Coming December 12th

RIFT’s Fae Yule festival is just around the corner and Regulos makes his return to the Plane of Death.

Trion Worlds brings another ambitious update for the holidays to RIFT next week. 2.1: Endless Eclipse is scheduled to launch on December 12th to kick off the seasonal Fae Yule world event. But it’s not all festive decorations and Grandfather Frost fun. Regulos is back and players will have to travel to the Plane of Death to face Telara’s greatest villain in a new 20-player raid in the Shapers Citadel. The 2.1 update also features the new chronicle adventure, A Hero Rises, which throws players in a fight to the death against Crucia in an assault on the Frozen Citadel.

Visit the 2.1: Endless Eclipse page to learn more about RIFT’s next update.

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