RIFT Anniversary Video Reflects on First Year and Looks to the Future

RIFT developers look back on the game's first year and offers a glance at what's in store for 2012.
RIFTÂ’s first year has come and gone, but Trion Worlds is celebrating the milestone in-game and out. The team recently put together a new video that takes a look at the first year of RIFT and how the team manages to put together content updates so quickly.

Trion isnÂ’t only about the past, the team also looks to the future and provides a peek at some of whatÂ’s in store for RIFT players in 2012. One interesting tidbit is the teamÂ’s goal to expand beyond the 2 faction PvP system (3:45-4:00). Check out the full video after the break.

via RIFT Facebook Page

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