RIFT Makes Patching Easier with New Streaming Client

Trion Worlds makes RIFT patching a little easier by adding a new optional Streaming Client.

Tired of waiting for those big patches to finish updating before you can play RIFT? Provided you have a decent Internet connection, you may not have to wait any more.

Trion Worlds today announced that theyÂ’ve added a new Streaming Client for RIFT. What this means for you is that if your connection can cope, you can jump in and start playing within a few minutes of starting an update, even after a big patch. And while youÂ’re playing, the update will be applied in the background. ThereÂ’s even a handy in-game indicator that will keep you informed on the patchÂ’s progress and show whether or not objects around you might be loading slowly.

Trion recommends a 5MBps connection for best results, but if you find that things are being a bit sluggish in the game while using it, you can simply close the game client and let the patch finish.  Read more about the new feature on the RIFT forums.

Source: RIFT Streaming Client Announcement

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