RIFT Removes "Expose" Debuff in Today's Hotfix Patch

Telarans rejoice! Trion Worlds removes one of RIFT's more annoying combat features with today's hotfix patch.
RIFT's Expose debuff has gone through several changes since the game's beta. Expose originally increased the damage a player took by 20% per stack up to 5 and this caused quite a few issues with tanking dungeons during the game's closed beta. So Trion removed the effect from dungeons, but kept it for open world.

Later, Trion changed the effect from damage to a reduction of speed per stack. This in truth made the effect even more annoying since many players would often be forced to stop and fight trivial mobs because it was faster than trying to slowly run them to their leash point. But today Trion Worlds has finally scrapped this troublesome effect in a new hotfix. And I think I can speak for many Telarans when I say - good ridance.

The patch notes for the hotfix are now available, but we all know the highlight.

Your characters will no longer be exposed to Exposed from NPCs. That's right - no more stacking snare when trying to run through mobs!

Source: RIFT Forums

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