RIFT Senior Designer Talks the Past, Present, and Future

Sr. Designer Simon “Dead Simon” Ffinch reflects on RIFT’s second year and teases what lies ahead for the MMORPG.

This month marked the second year since the launch of Trion’s first MMORPG, RIFT. This week Sr. Designer Simon “Dead Simon” Ffinch sat down for a chat with OnRPG to reflect on what the devs learned in the second year of the game’s operation and where it goes from here.

Just a few things that you can expect is a much more pleasant (and maybe mischievous) disposition from the denizens of the Plane of Life, a world event leading to the opening of the Dendrome with update 2.3, more about the secrets of the Infinity Gate, and more. Ffinch was questioned about the possibility of visiting the planes but he would not confirm nor deny that players would be going at some point, something that’s been teased since launch.

Read the full interview with Ffinch over at OnRPG for more.

Source: Rift’s Dead Simon on the Past, Future, and More

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