RIFT Unleashes Steppes of Infinity Conquest Map

By Stacy Jones -

Trion Worlds has added a brand new Conquest map to heat up the tri-faction war of RIFTÂ’s Ascended this week with the Steppes of Infinity. The new PvP map comes packed with new objectives, tasking players with controlling the forts of Brevo and Antapo or take a different approach.

“A new Conquest Map is now available in RIFT! The Steppes of Infinity features all-new objectives and opportunities for exciting PvP action. Will you battle to control the forts of Brevo and Antapo, or will you brave a gauntlet of foes to ferry charges between them? Will you attempt to score for your faction, or ruthlessly cut down your enemies? The choice is yours, but with powerful rewards for the winning team, it is important to make the correct one!”

Source: RIFT Steppes of Infinity Conquest Map

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