Scott Hartsman Reflects on One Year of Rift

RIFT gets ready to celebrate its first anniversary and Scott Hartsman reflects on the game’s first year of live operation and plans for 2012.
Hard as it may seem, RIFT is about to turn one year old and Executive Producer Scott Hartsman has posted a new letter to the community reflecting on the game’s first full year of operation and where Trion plans to go from here.

Moving forward into 2012, Hartsman laid out Trion’s plans for RIFT to expand on making friend and playing with other people in easier ways, improving the Ascended Soul system, enhancing PvP, adding more social options and endgame content. Hartsman also teased that more details about what players will face after the planar dragons have all been dealt with will be revealed later this year, so stay tuned.

Source: RIFT: One Year Later

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