Trion Unleashes New Details for RIFT's 1.4: Legacy of the Fallen Update

Posted Mon, Aug 01, 2011 by Martuk

Trion Worlds could be unleashing its latest round of content for RIFT in just days according to Producer Adam 'Gersh' Gershowitz. 1.4: Legacy of the Fallen will bring loads of new features and content to RIFT and several requested changes from the community. The LFG tool is being tweaked to allow for cross-shard groups using the random dungeon finder to help cut back on excessive queue times that players have been experiencing. The new changes will matched players with the others from their PvP battlegroup shards, so it's likely that you'll be seeing some familiar faces if you spend a lot of time in warfronts.

Speaking of warfronts and PvP, the Whitefall Steppes warfront will be receiving a new game mode to mix things up on the PvP map a bit. Currently the only mode available is the Capture the Flag match, but 1.4 will introduce the new "Escalation" mode, which will give players the objective of collecting sourcestone shards to power their faction's cannon. Additionally, PvP Rifts will also go live with the update to add a little open world PvP for players to indulge in.

Some welcome changes to world invasions are also included and scale hit points for zone event colossi based on the amount of people in a zone. So if you've been struggling to push back a zone invasion with a small number of people; your life should be getting a bit easier. If you feel like there aren’t enough raids in the game already for some reason, there will be a new 10-man instance to conquer known as the Drowned Halls.

There's quite a lot more in 1.4 as well with the introduction of the new Water Saga quest line, a ton of bug fixes, PvP and crafting changes and much more. See the links below to find all the latest 1.4 patch notes.

RIFT 1.4: Legacy of the Fallen Announcement
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RIFT 1.4 PTS In-Progress Notes #4


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